New (old?) technology: Chain OS


technology for magneto and deadpool, and others
basically you need a chainable crL

press crL
press sM (or crM, crH, sH for some characters… just a higher rank)
press sL

very fast

crA on block/hit chains into sM, easy to confirm
on whiff chains into anti air sL (crL probably whiffed because they jumped or they’re too far)

this takes advantage of the fact that you can chain chainable light attacks into other light attacks (they don’t need to necessarily be chainable) on whiff, chain into higher rank on hit but not on whiff

more useful with characters with good AA sL



Decent idea, I’ve always OS’d c.l, c.m but I’ve never considered whiff cancelling into a standing l too.


It’s nice that it’s written out.

But this isn’t do much an OS as it is buffering 101.


OS are usually buffering




Still doesn’t help Dr. Strange…




told u he was bad


Well It helps MODOK Since both of his Cr.L and St.L into St.m allows Anti-air hitconfirms.

So thanks.