New on the board here some art to introduce me!


i’m new on the board a friend of mine (yusuf)who is also a member have told me about this forum and i have to say that it’s pretty cool
and i saw some cool art…
so now stop chattin’ here’s some of my art to intruduce myself


ryu and his evil side…



Looks good, keep it up.



These are excellent pics. Keep up the good work.


i am glad you have enough courage to ink your ryu picture. most ppl cant ink at all. there are a few things that i like about his image. first, you have a cool design in the background, which is simple but at the same time makes your characters stand out. plus the vertical line on the right helps too. the leaves are a cool effect. and the shadows or the light/darkness in this pic came out great!


I agree with what zen said. The ryu’s pic is very nicely done. cammy also looks very good, except that she wouldn’t be able to turn her head that much. The most you would be able to see is her profile shot. Looking a tad to the front, at around 9:30 o’clock.


I really like the Ryu picture. It’s cool. :cool:


You’ll fit in here… REALLY WELL!!! :lol: BTW how many gallons of ink did you spend on the Ryu/Evil Ryu pic?:stuck_out_tongue:


:slight_smile: thx guys for all your nice words about my art…
makes me wanna post some more!!!:smiley:
and probably will!!!

thx again!and viva street fighter!!!



fantastic work…keep it up- love that cammy sketch especially- very crisp stuff indeed:evil: