New Ono Interview

Some interesting things are said…especially for you mahvel heads.

here we go with the chess thing again lol.


Oh my god he’s acting like SF4 is some gateway drug to 3s. Get over it dude.

They’re hinting way way too much for there not to be a Marvel vs. Capcom 3. If there wasn’t going to ever be one, an official from Capcom or Marvel would emphatically say “no”. But they seem to cock tease us everytime the question is raised.

Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter. Hope that never happens, it’s about 10 years too late on that one.


well at least we know what that false confirmation at comic con was.

fuck third strike.

that’s nice to know that both capcom and marvel want a new MVC to happen.

Unless someone does bad business on either end, I don’t see it NOT happening. Everything is pretty much in synch as far as that goes. Marvel wants it, and Capcom wants it. Ono meeting Marvel figureheads? Yeah, seems like it’s bound to happen. But I guess someone could still drop the ball.

marvel just wants teh monies.

It’s not really capcom in general, but more so Ono wants it to happen.

Hnayl: you might want to quote the article.

motherfucking this 3rd strike is awful

Not sure I follow…quote some lines from the article?

rofl @ you guys getting so butthurt over 3s. ITS STREET FIGHTER THREE!

Maybe something got lost in translation, but I found this statement to be fucking gross.

fuck the street fighters iii

Wow…so SF4 was designed as a stepping stone to a 10 yeard old game lol.

Sounds about right to me.

Sorry MK vs SF would be the worst cross over ever. I would hate to see it, though I did find the new grounds clips hilarious.

Maybe, if 3S was not such a piece of shit game.