New Ono Interview

[COLOR=“Orange”]3S is a good game. You got a problem with that?[/COLOR]

how dare you say tha with mortal kombat vs DC on the horizon

Okay lemme rephrase…equally as bad.:rofl:

People can play what they want, but if I need to explain to you why the game is hot garbage then never mind. I still find that statement awkward, as if 3S were some overly complex game for “professionals”.

I’m not confused by Ono’s comment. It’s obvious that SF4 is a bridge between SF2 and SF3. In reintroduce SF2 characters, it puts a dash in, gives you a parry like option called SAs, but it still keeps many effective gameplay elements that existed in SF2 like zoning.

I don’t think people were around when SF3 first hit arcades. There were a lot of differences between SF3 and what people remember of SF2. First of all, there was a new parry system, the appearance of selectable SAs, a different character selection, and many other things. A SF2 fan would need to learna lot more about this game, and it didn’t “feel” like SF2. I do enjoy the game a lot, and is one of my favorite games, but this is only because I like fighting games in general. SF3 only appealed to people who were just already big time SF fans, and not people who were SF2 fans. It didn’t feel like an actual sequel to SF2, it felt like a different game completely.

SF4 nurses those SF2 fans. It gives them a game that feels like SF2, but also keeps a pace and animation style of SF3. It feels like hybrid on the two games. It is what the SF3 should have been. You can see how SF2 techniques evolved into SF3 techniques more clearly in SF4. You can see how SAs could evolve into parries. Or you can see how individual character evolve to their SF3 selves as well, SF4 also appears to be accessible enough for the casual gamer to understand some of the finer points about the system. They can be introduced to elements like ption select, setups, juggles, and mindgames without having to read a 50 pages system mechanic guide like someone would have to do for SF3.

I think SF4 is meant for gamers to understand what is going on in SF3 better. Ono’s vision is that SF4 will create the mindset that is needed to play SF3. I don’t think he is saying the SF4 players will become SF3 players, but rather it will jelp them understand and appreciate SF3 more.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Ono is making special effort to appeal to 3s players, because when playing SF4, 3s players are the group least enthusiastic about SF4. Give the guy a break. So what if he makes a few comments about 3s being very complex or whatever. He made SF4 play nothing like 3s, and thats what counts.

The one thing I agree on is the statement is awkward, but what can you do? Ono has said a lot of weird things.

I wouldnt mind Sf vs MK IF they

  • Dropped the block button and used back like a civilized 2d.
  • Dropped run.
  • Used 6 buttons for attacks.

Basically another sf game but with mk characters molded to sf format hahaah

mortal kombat vs street fighter (made by capcom) would be a fucking lunatic game, boon trying to make dc vs mk like the newgrounds mk vs sf trilogy is a bit clumsy but with it being more like a marvel game i know capcom are more likely to pull it off

marvel vs capcom has a reputation to pertain to, street fighter vs mortal kombat they would go all out i can see it

Game sucks. That’s all that needs to be said.

That’s because most of the 3S crowd is still new to fighting games. I’ve heard 3S players complain about fireball spam.

uh no that’s not a weird statement it’s the shittiest statement i’ve ever heard

fuck 3S players they can go hang out on the rock paper scissors forum and maybe some dice rolling forums

lol at all the gay 3s hate. never fails here on srk

well sorry man 3s is just too DEEP for me

You know that Ed Boon will have an eternal orgasm if Capcom considered doing a VS. game with Capcom…and we wouldn’t want that now, would we?

If that game ever happens then Boon’s only input should be him voicing Scorpion and Rayden.

apparently it is

So only grunts and gibberish…


The SRK Hate Machine never fails in those threads

But back on topic: Marvel vs Capcom 3 can be awesome, if they made it right, but SFvsMK… man, the only way for me to get excited about that idea is back to 1993 and got 10 years old.

I’m up for a TvC 3D style Marvel vs. Capcom, it will be interesting!

MvC2 players are going to hate it though!