New option select for wake up backdashers

I found that hitting the opponent with one close standing LP will make you next light attack chainable, much like how c.LK can chain after c.LP with Bison. The chain is a safe block string (can’t be DP’d) and won’t be special cancelable.

Things that will chain:

cls.LP > cls.LP
cls.LP > cls.LK
cls.LP > s.LP
cls.LP > s.LK
cls.LP > c.LP
cls.LP > c.LK

The option select:
What: Adon can option-select between a meaty jab combo/blockstring or a standing roundhouse/sweep.

How: By inputting s.HK or c.HK at the same time during your second chainable light attack. For example:

If you want to OS sweep with your blockstring, you would do:
cls.LP, c.HK~c.LK, c.LK. You basically press c.HK and together

If you want to OS roundhouse kick, you would do:
cls.LP, s.HK~s.LK, c.LK.

In both scenario, if the opponent blocks, your blockstring will continue as is but if the opponent wake up back dashes and makes the cls.LP whiff, the roundhouse will come out.

THE BAD NEWS: Does not work on fast back dashers because Adon’s roundhouse is so slow or back dashes that puts alot of distance away from Adon. Chun Li, Claw, Cammy, ELF, Boxer.

THE GOOD NEWS Works great on Bison/Guile and anyone with a back dash that is 25frames or slower. I actually found this after losing horribly to a back dashing Bison.

Not game breaking stuff but still useful to know that Adon has that option.

P.S. I copy the format from this post. Oh and sometimes sweep will miss but s.HK will hit, Fei Long is an example of this.

s.LP (close and far) are Adon’s only chainable normals. Or the frame data is wrong.

Del1rium is right. The only non cancelled true block string is cls.LP, cr.LP (one frame link).

That said, I’ll give this option select a shot.

No, he’s not. If you read my beginning paragraph and tested it, you would know. Cls.LP will make the next light attack a chain even if that light attack is not normally chainable. Bison has this property also with c.lp > being chainable even though is not a chainable light attack.

Ruff0 is right. Although the only OS I like out of those is the one that ends in sweep.

Good find though, I’m going to post this in the OS thread.

The downside is that Adon’s sweep will whiff on some back dashes while s.HK will hit. It’s either the range is not enough or the active frame on the sweep is just too little.