New option select



Since option select is whats hot in the streets i came up with this one and it works great.

Gets all the cast accept rog, rose , cammy , vega , el suck, chun and adon.

Did a quick video so check it out.



Too fuckin’ sick, bro! Stamp the trademark on it. “Couch ®”

Now all you need is an xbox controller and an official strategy guide and you’ll be the greatest online warrior of all time! :stuck_out_tongue:


that would so help the dee jay match and viper match

too bad i can’t do option selects


This isn’t really new, but useful none the less, I abuse the shit out of this option select against Viper since it beats all of her wakeup options.


Forgive the ignorance, but what are the inputs for this?


I’d like to know too.

@Azrael - How is it in anyway ignorant?


It’s just, qcf, qcf+PPP
The ultra input needs to be timed so that it only comes out on whiffed


Umm I echo Azrael when I say to forgive the ignorance, but I can’t see why this is an option select… And for what situations is this useful?


Can we use this thread to talk about others option select ?

In practice i tried cr lp, stand lp+hk versus the wakeup of boxer.
This option select beat the famous pushback+backdash situation that you encounter when you try to meaty on the ground

On block you have cr lp, stand lp and on backdash you have cr lp, far hk


really dude?

Cnul that’s a pretty good . I have a couple os I want to try on fie and his wake up chicken wing.


It catches backdashers. If they don’t back dash then the ultra doesn’t come out. It’s useful in situations where your trying to break off some fools with some pain cake.


It’s better to just option select though isn’t it?
But I can’t remember, maybe that didn’t work on boxer, hmm…


You can, but it has to be extremely deep. I think the OS c_nul presented is slightly more reliable. But I still like to OS sweep, I just hold forward on his wake up.


During my test i never succeed to os sweep boxer with cr lp, cr lp+hk
He pushback chun li when he wake up and because of that the sweep whiff.

I will try your method Magnetomaniac.
You hold forward to neutralize the pushback ?


What’s option select?



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Take your time. If you’ve got a really general question about the game just post it up there.



Well, none of it makes sense…


Ask yourself a question and see if you don’t want to punch yourself in the face. I bet you’d just duke yourself.



Anyone mature around here? Simple question twas all I asked.


he gave u links and everything…come on now.

Option select: Exploiting the game’s input detection to give yourself the best option based on a certain input. For example in SF4, if you press down+jab+short, the game may use a crouching attack, or tech a throw, or do nothing. UltraDavid’s SF4 Option Select video: [media=youtube]tnXYcNgLE5M[/media]