NEW Orlando Thread: Making Florida Look Good

We’re all one community now, so lets get things started off right.
The beach house get together is all setup for March 13. We’ve got 12 TV’s and a full stock of free beer.
Anyone not attending final round is welcomed to come out for a great time!

BobSmack was right we should all just be one area. I am sorry it took a lot of ugliness on the part of Everyday Legend. But now we can all be friends and get along while observing the forums rules. I feel like a changed man.

Dave lets get this thing rolling right. Good Luck at Final Round next weekend!

Don’t know why DaytonaDave is being silly.


Good looking on posting those videos up, Torrin. I watched a few matches last night. Looks like ranbats just got serious. Time to step it up.

Thanx. I just got my hands on Sony Vegas which makes SD video upscale to HD. No one wants to look bad in HD, right?

Hey Shusty! Good luck at final round. You are family now.

PS. Making duplicate Threads will get you an infraction from BobSmack.

There’s a bit of leeway there, especially when the thread starter isn’t actually from the place that the thread is for. Merged.

EDIT: And that was a warning, not an infraction :slight_smile: Warnings don’t count for anything, but if you get too many, it’s PLAMF. You now have two, so make sure you have read all the rules.

this is just annoying now. wait, that’s what you were going for.

Come on guys we just got off to a bad start. Daytona and Orlando are not that far apart, we should be friends and build a stronger community through renewed friendship. Some harsh things were said in the past while trying to stir up competition, but we are over that and forgive all of you.

Closed, and the DaytonaDave and Gokuken2010 are under investigation.