New Orlean showdown results


New Orlean showdown results:

This is Vegita-x

1st. Chris(magneto_x) MSP, Magneto/Sentinel/Psylocke
2nd. Patrick(vegita-x) Rogue/Storm/Tron Rogue/Sentinel/Tron
3rd. Issac(reakwon187) Cable/Sentinel/Cyc, Cable/Sentinel/capcom
4th. Duane(Marvel_ous One) Team Combofiend
5th. Erik. Magneto/Storm/ Tron
5th. Demitrius. Strider/Doom/Capcom

Thanks for coming Issac, Erik and Rosh(Ajil)
Sorry you couldn’t come with us to Ihop but hope you all had a safe trip back. Hope to see u all at midwest.

Charles(cable_guy) I told u that you wouldn’t get top 5
Man why did you run out of the gameroom like that after you lost against Demtirus.



Much Props

Just wanna say much props to cris for winnin this tournament. … I’m Tri the guy that went to New Orleans that one day with eric n david. … What happened to the Florida crew? all talk no walk?


props to chrizzzo
maan demitrius u let me down man


IHOP owned us all. If Dakota remembers, he’ll post up the bill. :stuck_out_tongue:

Note to self, never go in a big group to IHOP.


Yeah IHOP service sucks when you have 11 people. We got there before 11 only to get out drinks at 11:50 and then actually get our food about another 20 minutes later. That was so lame. And then they forced us into paying 15% gratuity. So we all got our heads busted by that ish.

Anyway the tournament was fun. Issac, the 6 matches we played was really nerve racking. I don’t think any of the matches was a blowout either. I’ll have my team ready next time. Oh and N.O lets make sure ya’ll actually attend the Lafayette tourney this month. I don’t wanna drive there only for about 10 people to show. I am guessing that all of BR(me, Dakota, Irvin and Trey) will be making the trip.


Thanks for BR and Alabama coming down. Im gonna get my revenge Isaac :stuck_out_tongue: . Everything went smoothly as planned. Im never going to IHOP again by the way. That shit SUXORED.


Well here’s the 1st 2nd 3rd place winners. Sorry about the quality of the pic. Of The 7 pics we had only 3 of them made it. The other 5 were damaged. :frowning: And this was the worst of the bunch :lol: oh It get’s tha job done for nah.

Sadly your to stars didn’t even make it in the pic :lol: Me and joe:D :lol:

oh thisal be up on tha pic thread in gen dis. plus more prob.


Yea IHOP suxz!!! Usually when you go to eat you expect tha food and the service to be the best part of ya meal. But not at IHOP :lol: Man if it wasn’t for the crazy conversations :lol: :lol: :lol: It woulda been a total bust.


hahaha that has got to be the finniest pic ever
chris looks funny as hell i dint know what hes tryn to do but whateva and i lve the token white guy.


What’s up fellas this is Erik. I had a great time at the tourney you can bet I’ll be at the next one. I had a heard a lot about Chris and Patrick and I’m glad I finally met you guys, you 2 are way good. Those were some good fights we had duane you got me good that last round. Demetrius man your strider doom is really solid man, your friends said you werent on your game, I would hate to see you playing well :eek: !! Anyways, had fun, see you all around.

My only complaint is I wish we would have gotten on the dreamcast the day before. Oh well, next time.


Man Dakota your camera sucks. How do pictures randomly get damaged on a digital camera ???

Also it was cool to semi-meet Albama. Lol i only really got to talk to Raekwon but ahh well maybe next time.

IHOP sucks ass. If we ever go out for pancakes again i’m all for Waffle House or something. Cuz man that just sucked ass.


Props to my SkillMatic brethren Erik and Isaac. I hope to see both of you at jae’s tournament next saturday. Rosh where the fuck did you place GOD DAMN I expect more from you punk. Heh you need to come to jae’s tournament too.


One day when I get a jobby job I will make it to more tournaments and maybe actually meet these NO playaz that I keep hearing so much about.


good job chris! congratulations!

btw, can we see some full results please.


:stuck_out_tongue: where are teh vidz?


I didn’t run out , I left . cuz I had a headache and I had to be work the early in the morning . You let that nigga beat cha again , huh . We’ll , live and learn . Who has the vids for that tournament , I wish I could’ve stayed for the whole thing but it jus didn’t make sense to stay while I had a headache , be a work the next morning and a hour and half drive . One more thing , where didI rank anyway ,if I didn’t place top 5 I’m pretty sure I wasn’t far from it .


This is Erik(Remy Martin)

What’s up Kevin, Rosh would have done better but he had a tough draw. He beat the first person he played but then his next 2 matches were with Chris “fuckin” Creecy and Isaac. Oh well sometimes lady luck isn’t on your side.

Hey Cable guy what do you look like? Were you wearing a black polo type shirt? Just wanting to put a face with the name. I was the white dude with the cap on and the Nautica shirt.


OMFG. Yay chris. Good job isaac. PATRICK. what happend? damn, 2nd? WTF? after all that shit talk for 2 months. SECOND? Damn.

Florida didn’t show cause after ecc we couldn’t afford to come out. Sorry.


this is all i needed to see…good job chris…holding down the fort with MSP and Team Vinnyman…w00t w00t.

edit***how many people entered MvC2?


Old skoo shady kcough cough


Props 2 chris, patrick you will never win a tourney with your team sorry guy, but you DO have the best rogue in the world hands down(now that justin has footage of edma you can plainly see…)

Cable guy, you didn’t do shit and N.O will own you again next time:p I wanna play you.


yes yes it was, but he decided that that team sucked…but it’s way to fun not to play :p…so i decided to take it under my wing. :smiley:

anyways, i saw your vids with Jwong…the second match made me wanna cry when you snapped in sentinel.:(…but much props to you anyways.