New Orleans, La July 6, 2008 Mvc2 Essence Tourney!

This isn’t the full result’s but I will post that really soon.

1st. Magneto_x (Me)
2nd. Buckethead (Gene Flowers-Houston)
3rd. JoeyH (Houston)
4th. Jhonny5 (New Orleans)

Sunday was really fun and interesting in some way’s!
Houston, you guy’s know ya’ll are always welcome here in the N.O. I’ll post more later. Thx for all that came out and supported!:woot:

good shit houston,new orleans.

Ay X ready for another 10 hour crack session at evo?

Maybe one day I can play with ya lol
I’m on the westbankk.

I believe the results for Guilty Gear was:

2.Gene (Testament, Axl)
3.doomscyther (Testament, Robo Ky)

Gene beat Kobe lolol thats just wrong.

He used the power of Axl. I bet Kobe was sad panda.

good shit Houston/N.O. , lets get that crack goin!!! WHERES PAT?!!!

pat got beat by gene in winners, and then finished by joey hernandez in losers.

Yipes, you should take a trip to houston and come play some time.

Of course nig! Can’t wait for that shit. Get on aim my nigga!

does anyone know when the vids will be posted. pat/stone

Good shit to top 3.

great tournament. Keep it up pat.

damn 4th place dont get no love?

are you tony nemo?

good shat 4th place. i was suprised on how much better you got since the last time we played. i was also suprised at how good duane got at dancing. anyways i miss new orleans like i always do when i leave there. gg’s duane, creecy, johnny and ian.

yo duane teach me the soldier boy :wgrin: good shit J5, i agree with joey you got way beter.

thanks i been working hard still got a ways to go…but nothing is better than duane doing the soulja boy u should see him…YOOOOUUUU

johnny5 is alive :woot:

paul wall whats up man where were yall at for the tourney??

no damn ride, jamar told use late styles that he might go so we waited…and waited…