New Orleans, La- Mardi Gras Tourny Result: SF4, SF4 Teams, T6.. Saturday Feb 13, 2010

Mardi Gras Results

SF4 Singles
32 entries

1st) Vegita-x…a.k.a IFC Zangief…New Orleans, La (Zangief)
2nd) Jan…Houston, Tx (Zangief, Sagat, Akuma, Abel)
3rd) Vince…Houston, Tx (Boxer)
4th) Suavion…Houston, Tx (Boxer)
5th) Gary…Baton Rouge, La (Abel)
5th) Ranmasma…New Orleans, La(Rufus)
7th) Thanh…New Orleans, La.(Sagat)
7th) John…a.k.a .JRock…Ms (Sagat)

SF4 Teams:
1st) Team Vietnamese New Year (Thanh, Vu, Stone)
2nd) Team Hoston (Jan, Vince, Suavion)

Tekken 6
1st) Mike
2nd) Gerald
3rd) David Williams
4th) Stone

I would like to thank everyone that came out, Houston, Baton Rouge, John/Mike, Randell…etc…etc.
Grandfinals Vegita-x vs Jan 4-3
Winnerfinals Vegita-x vs Vince 3-0
Loserfinals Jan vs Vince 3-0 …3 perfects in a row…damn…Nah Vince had Forfeited his match vs Jan in the Loserfinals.

GS Pat, Houston crew, and everyone else who came.

Jan vs. Vince = match of the night.

What happened to the Marvel crew? Also good shit to everyone there, too bad I couldn’t make it out this weekend.

We only had like 6 people for Mvc2…:frowning:

Thanks and congratulations Pat for taking 1st place ! Sorry to hear that your 360 gotten the RROD , but hopefully the warranty you have will cover it :smile: .

Even though I had a high fever which dragged me down to be upset/sad in every match preparation and outcome :wasted: , this was a tournament that I really looked forward going to and it was nice to see again the dedicated players out there that I haven’t seen in like months .
PS : I really hope I didn’t get anyone sick…

Props to Randall for representing MS , Pat Jason Jimmy Stone for running the brackets , David , Irvin , Jakob , John , Matt , Toi and everyone else that attended :tup: !

We need brackets! lol

Really only 32? Jimmy said it was a 64 man bracket, so I figured at least >48. Oh well, the top 8 or so is all that matters I guess. How many teams entered?

grats to suav gettin 4th i missed out on gief exp lol

9 teams entered I think

Congrats to you Pat. Though i must say that your always winning these tournaments, i might have to show up to one and change that. :cool:

GS Vegeta keep it up!

good shit patrick, teams at FR! say you got a place to stay yet? me you and chris should get a room (no homo)

Don’t let pat do a random chick in your room if he stays with you if he asks

lol…how did u know…:smokin:

All my matches were so close, I just got to train harder, props to pat, just one day I’ll get up there.

Bravonavo mystically gets in top 8 again…

what is the world coming to?

Upset of the night was Ranmasma beating Jan 2-1… Rufus vs Gief. Messiah niggaaaa!!!..Fuck yo lariat…Lol

Suavion: Man you was on fire when you hit the loser bracket…I never thought you was going to beat Ranmasma

Irvin: Sf4 is still Godlike and Boxer is going to be so good in SSF4

Joey: Someday I shall return to the dark side

Bravonavo: Mr. Top 8…:looney:

Big Chris: All I have to say $160.00, 12 minutes, pull muscle= Godlike…Lol

Vince…a.k.a Vick: Nice meeting you and keep up the good work with Boxer.

Dakota: Never assume someone is going to sign you up in a tourneyNext time man, next time.

Thauh: Interesting Sagat, we must play more.

Ranmasma: Sorry for the misunderstanding, I will add you back on as soon as I get my X-box back. O yeah, by the way your welcome lol… you vs Jan hummmm again your welcome.

Randall: Thanks for coming out man I really appreciate it. Hope to see you for Battle for the south 2:

Brydon: I felt terrible after eating Wendys…I should have gone with you to Dennys…L

Jan: GGs as always, Great matches, I was kind of worried there for a minute. I’lll hit you up later in the week and let you know if I can make it to that tourney.

Jimmy: Godlike, nuff said.

Preciate’ the love homie, i’m over here trying lol.

Haha, I thought I was gonna lose also. Before the match i was like, “I gotta play the dude that beat Jan…damn”

the few pictures during and after at dennyz.

Add me on xbox live. It’s always great to play good comp online. I want to add all of the houston crew that came.