New Orleans Ranbat #4 Results Sunday Aug 30, 2009 Sf4/BB

Dibbz Internet Cafe Results…

Sf4 Results

22 entry

1 Patrick Henry (Vegita-x)–Zangief: $77.00
2 Jakob Davis --Bison : $22.00
3 Irvin (kingofkod)–Boxer : $11.00
4 Thanh Tran–Sagat
5 Long Tran —Sagat
5 Stone Nguyen --Akuma
7 Christian Gonzalez --Ryu/Zangief/Honda
7 Mike Asnes (Shadowcharlie)–Blanka
9 Charles (Icefuzion remix)–Cammy
9 Jonathan Metoyer (Hazanko)–Guile
9 Evan (Sub7)–??
9 Duane McCorkle (Marvelous_one)–Ken
13 Michael Chaix (Trumpet)–Sagat/Boxer
13 Stephen (Pumpkinbomber)–Boxer
13 Joel ???
13 Alex Nguyen --Sagat
17 Voomer ??
17 Sarah Harper (renewme)–Chun
17 John Nguyen --Sagat
17 Matthew Lazaro (Needcollegeloan)–Akuma/Dan
17 John …
17 Mike …
17 Mr. Rose (Nike King)–Akuma
17 Gary (BravoNavo)–Abel

Blaze Blue

  1. Jakob: $28.00
  2. Stone: $8.00
  3. Voomer: $ 4.00
  4. Michael Chaix
  5. Brian
  6. Joseph Weaver
  7. Gary
  8. Jonathan Metoyer

Loserfinals—Jakob over Irvin 3-0 …Bison vs Balrog
Winner finals—Vegita-x over Jakob 3-1… Zangief vs Bison
Grandfinals—Vegita-x over Jakob 3-0… Zangief vs Bison

Thanks everyone for coming out… See everyone at the next Ranbat on Sunday Sept 27, 2009.

This was Ranbat #3 actually, make sure you update with the Savage Reign results lol.

First off i want to apologize on behalf on Dibbz because apparently we where laggin the owner’s WOW so we had to cut the stream. I got top 4 for SF4, Top 3 for BB, and top 4 for SR direct feed in HD.

I would also like to apologize for the whole setup disaster , i’ll make sure to have everything tested and setup on time next time so we don’t have these problems again. I’m also sorry for acting like a stupid emo kid with down syndrome.

And as always GG’s thanks to everyone coming out even though a little less than last time it was nice to see a few new faces there.

Next random game will be Tao Taido, i acutally had to double check to see if this trash was real.


<3 KN13WB

Here are a few vids I got from last night. The BlazBlue Finals and …

Savage Reign National Championships 2009

That game looks beyond complete trash…

Jakob is right ranbat #3. Also can you even lag WoW? So lame. But good stuff overall. At least next ranbat we won’t need to worry about the WoW kiddies.

is this a joke?

because god forbid they have the slightest latency when they are in a raid…

fuck wow

sub7 played bison and voomer player fei long

Joel - ryu, akuma