New Orleans Ranbat Resurrection 1.0 6/19/10 SSFIV random teams and singles

Alright, due to a demand from players we’ll be resurrecting the ranbat series, but this time we’ll actually put points out for top 8 unlike the last series!

There will be a registration fee of $5.

SSF4 singles $5
SSF4 3v3 teams $1.
Console we’re playing on is 360, for those who aren’t in the know. :slight_smile:

Payouts for singles are
1st 70%
2nd 20%
3rd 10%

Teams is 100% of the pot!

Point system is as follows:

1st - 8pts
2nd - 7pts
3rd - 6pts
4th - 5pts
5th - 3pts
7th - 1pt

For the team tournament, we’ll be taking everyone’s names and then shuffling them into 3 man teams! This will encourage teamwork with any group of people instead of just the same top team dominating each other. Plus, it’s fun! It’s just $1 entry to encourage people to play.

Teams will be single elim. If people ask we will do a coin flip where the winner will determine the other team’s first player that goes up first. Due to the nature of the random teams, I am going to allow more than one of the same character on a team, since some people only play one character. It’s up to you guys to decide! :slight_smile:

Singles will be double elim, two out of three. Winner has to stay with their ultra they won with.

Tourney starts around 1pm. At least we would like to start it around then, so please come on time. If you are coming late please inform us ahead of time by calling me at 504-717-6976 and ask for Stone or the play n trade store and we will see what we can do.

Teams will start first, then shortly after teams are done singles will start.

1950 Manhattan Blvd. #102
Harvey, LA 70058

Any other questions, please ask in this thread or in person, and I’ll try to explain as clearly as possible. Hope to see you guys there!

What are the points for ?

We’re working on it, not 100% sure but the ranbat season winner will definitely get something.

Points will be for a prize and also 1st place gets free entry to BFTS 3.

I edited the team rules for you guys, I forgot about this hindsight when I decided on the format. Rules are redone in the first post.

Its this weekend guys! Get ready!

just randomly checked the time this starts and realized that the rule for having to keep the same ultra after winning in singles is pretty lame

Evo rules…so whatever they do we must do.
Also Prize at the end of the season will be an ASUS Monitor!
With free entry to BFTS 3!

I will be there

idk if anyone else from lafayette is coming though

Four of us from Lake Charles should be going

I’ll try to come. This is my first tournament so I want to know what console you are using.

It’s 360, the majority of New Orleans has 360 sticks so we decided to go with this format for over a year now. I should’ve really put it in the opening, probably will edit that now.

That’s perfect as I have a 360 stick. If I get the ok from my parents (likely will), I should be there.

I also have some other questions:

What is a ranbat series?
Are the teams and singles tournaments concurrent or happening one after the other?

Mitch will come, and he will conquer…

ranbat is short for “ranking battle.” The idea is just who gets the most points from all the tournaments will win the whole series. As you can see there is a prize at the end of it, aka free entry to the third Battle for the South tournament as well as an ASUS computer monitor.

The team tournament will happen first, then whenever it is done with shortly after we will have the singles tournament. We don’t have a set schedule for everything other than teams will start first, since tournaments almost never run on time. :frowning:

If people would stop being late…

One of us from Lake Charles is going now