New Orleans Ranbat Resurrection 1.0 results

Singles results (35 people)
1st: Jakob002
2nd: Toi
3rd: Irvin

4th place: Stone
5th place tie: Vu, Jimmy
7th place tie: Jazz, MikeBoy
9th place tie: Sleepy, The Ultimizer, Brydon, Julio
13th place tie: Carlos, Truong, Charles, Kurtis
17th place tie: Jason,Carlos V., Cities, Jacob, False Question, Dakota, Marvin, Tue
25th place tie: Mark, Nathan, Little Washy, Bertell, Keith, Gary, Robert, Allie
33rd place tie: Kristen, Antonio, SF2 guy

1st: Pretty in Pink (Jakob002, Sleepy, Jacob
2nd: Team Satisfaction (Kurtis, Carlos, Cities
tied for 3rd: Asian Trio (The Ultimizer, Toi, Charles
Unknown Prodigies: Stone, Jason, Brydon

Tournament bracket here.

Youtube videos for top 8 singles and top 3 teams will be uploaded to asap. :slight_smile:

Current standings in ranbat points:
Jakob: 8
Toi: 7
Irvin: 6
Stone: 5
Vu: 3
Jimmy: 3
Jazz: 1
Mikeboy: 1

Good stuff to everyone who made it, see you guys after Evo!

I didn’t want to put my name up at the time, but I’m the second Jacob in Pretty in Pink. I already posted this on Facebook, but I’m posting it here just in case.

Can we get some character choices listed as well?

I played Vega the entire time.

Ugh, stupid thing won’t let me update the first post with relevent info, oh well.

1st: Jakob002 (Bison)
2nd: Toi (Chun Li)
3rd: Irvin (Balrog)

4th place: Stone (Guy)
5th place tie: Vu (Rufus), Jimmy (Cody, Guile)
7th place tie: Jazz (Guile), MikeBoy (Blanka)

I didn’t ask how you were dressed. :razz:

Uploading Top 3 Team Tourney as I post. Will be up in the morning as long as youtube doesn’t randomly crash like a madman again.

Top 8 for singles should be up by the end on Sunday.

nate’s girlfriend fared just as well as nathan…

You should have played Vega the entire time. I saw at least two other Vegas, almost brought a tear to my eye.

Anyways, thanks to Play n Trade for hosting and Stone for keeping on top of everything.

Damn, wish I could’ve gone. Can’t wait to watch the videos.

Most of the videos are up, barring a bit of the finals! Should be done in a bit.