New Orleans Ranbat Tourny....SF4 & Blaze Blue Results July 12, 2009

Here are the Result for New Orleans Ranbat tourny…


22 entry

1st Patrick (Vegita-x)… Zangief:cybot:
2nd Jacob (Jacoob)… Bison
3rd Stone (Kenmasterx)…Gouken/Bison/Ken
4th John ()…Guile/E. Honda
5th Toi ()…Gen
5th Christian (Spanish Jab)…Ryu/Zangief
7th Mike P…Ryu
7th Mike (ShadowCharlie)…Blanka
9th Anthony…Blanka
9th John P…Saget
9th Evan C…Zangief/Elf
9th Bertell…Cammy
10th Nathan…Viper/Seth
10th John M…???
10th Jason…Abel
10th Dakota…Dahlsim
10th David T…???
10th Charles…Cammy/Rufus
10th Irvin…Boxer
10th David H…???
10th Brad…Chunli
10th Q…???

Blaze Blue

12 entry

1st Stone (Kenmasterx)
2nd Leo
3rd Jacob

I would like to thank everyone for coming out to our 1st ranbat tourny, shit was hella hype.
Grandfinals Vegita-x vs Jacob…4-2
Winner Finals…Vegita-x vs Jacob…3-0
Loser Finals…Jacob vs Stone…3-0

Hope to see everyone at the next one…

Thanks Pat , this ranbat overall went very well :tup: !

I’m surprised I didn’t see boxer slashed in with my Ryu . But eh , maybe because I only used him for just two matches so I guess it doesn’t really matter .

Also is Evans suppose to be Evan C. ? He didn’t use Sagat , he used Zangief .

Ggs to everyone who participated in this Ranbat :china: I really had a great time and enjoyed talking and playing with everyone that was there ! Sadly I can’t really remember much thanks to tiredness :sad:…

Can’t wait for the next one !

I only saw 12 people on the Blazblue bracket. :stuck_out_tongue: I also played Rufus and Akuma. Still too many characters for me, but maybe the game is too blah for me to not be ADD about the game.

Yeah its Evan C my bad…

And Stone its been change…:slight_smile:

GG’s to all GS Pat glad to see someone from N.O leveling up now i have to start playing this boring game again if i want that $$$. GS to BR and MS for coming out as well.

BG’s to Dibbz old ass 480i Beta HDTV’s. Got own3d by Final Atomic Buster like 10 times lol. Im getting one of those EVO monitors and bring that for tournies those things are awesome. Dibbz needs to get better TV’s i’m not paying money to use that garbage.

2 days of BlazBlue and i get 3rd when half the people had the game over a week before release. KN13WB might be a little too powerful but man she’s sexy as hell. Can’t wait to actually learn how to play other than mash buttons and hope the other person can’t block.

My new strategy to ease my SF4ADD is gonna be to stream beatmania music through my mp3 player. That way not only will it keep me from falling asleep i’ll be listing to something new daily so i can subconsciously pretend i’m doing something different.

Congrats to Pat, Jake, and John. Good to see you finally on board with a real game Pat.

lol…yeah it really is a relief from playing Marvel… Wish I was going to evo so I could see how well I would do in SF4…:crybaby:

pat, please use this

and i forgot to ask how far along your girl is? name suggestion: name your kid rom infinite. boy or girl it works

Gj pat, I knew u could win. Sf4 is the most skilled and fun game of all time. That is all.