first off i would like to give a shoutout to the last of a dying breed… Johnny 5… Icefuzion(Charles)… and Myself… for we’re the only 3 ppl in New Orleans that actually still play marvel… Its sad but its true… Magneto-X has officially moved… and the other marvel players either Quit, Converted to SF4… or Both… If i am mistaken… please let me know and check-in… for this is the N.O. Roll Call… WHERE ALL MY CRACKHEADS AT?

Hi…I play Marvel…I use Zangief/Dan/ryu Lets play sometime…

ITS Marvel babeee…Bet it…

Maybe if youd pick up your phone for a change… That’d be possible

I play marvel, 3rd strike and sfiv…sucks that fun arcade shut down. Where does everyone play these days?

you know where dibbz at…? they got the marvel machine and the third strike from the arcade… so ppl be playin there but not a lot… and i be goin over there and hookin my dc to the big screen and me and my boy johnny be playin marvel on that… but it’d be nice to have some more competition

cool, if I can make it thru tuesday, I should be over that way soon, damn finals…

Yo, im really really new to the area and i was hearing about people playing marvel, im not very good but i would love to give it a shot. any days in particular you guys play??

i think the 3s machine from fun arcade at the end of vets was the one from the fun arcade where dibbz is at now, so i guess it found it’s way home? =)

You guys know…there is a N.O. thread already made right?

Hey I’m also new to the area. I would love to learn how to play marvel too. I play a variety of teams. Some ppl @ my local mall tell me I’m too good @ the game.

I play SSBM n SF4. Anyone can get it…

Ryan its a New orleans thread. Not a DIRTY SOUTH louisiana thread. and Texas has like 4 threads man lol.

I play marvel and street fighter 4 and i want to get better

i respect you trying to ressurect 5 year old threads brought about in error