New Pacific Northwest Majors date is Saturday June 28th

I can’t change it again (I am pretty sure) and I really don’t want to. This is three months away, so everyone clear your schedules and hopefully be prepared to miss out on something else if it comes up.

Crisis averted, and we gained an extra month to get things done. Once we edit the avatars, and the website, we should be fine. Luckily we haven’t done to much promotion outside of the Northwest thread. I edited the anouncement on the tournament boards.

I think you’ll have to get a mod to change the title of the thread in the tournament section. It also still says May 24th in the first paragraph.

Website updated


I am always a day late, dollar short. One hour = 1 day, internet time, I guess.

Avatar PSD updated!

Will not bother remaking the sample AV’s unless somebody actually likes them, and wants that particular character/whatever.

Hell Yes. We now have over two months again to make this happen, and no reason why it shouldn’t. Its on.

I fixed it.

Yes! Let’s get it!

Those AV’s are great. I like the ones with dates on them, and I especially like the one with Q.

Shit is just happening really fast right now, because it couldn’t wait. But now the date is set and reserved, the tournament page and website are updated and things are back on track. The AV are the only things that still need to be changed.

I fixed the title for the stickied thread. :tup:

That PSD file is awesome. I did a little tweaking here and there for my own av but thanks a lot for the base work. People will definitely know of our major now.

Yep! The PSD has everything you need to get started, so don’t hold back, people.

If you don’t have Photoshop, maybe make some requests in the avatars PNW Majors Avatars/Banners thread. Me or some other people can probably get things sorted out for you…

No Guts, No Glory.

Let’s Get It!

Hey, Kenneth, you stole my av!

Hey Dan, you stole mine!

lol, I like to see that the avatar style caught on.