New panel for TE?


u think they cane made a new panel for the te? so the buttons and joysticks are lower and it will look exact like a new hori vewlix

it would be great if some could sell only a replacement panel

it would be much cheaper then a hori vlx lol


or you could just get the HRAP V3


That extra space for your palms is one of the reasons I like the TE, thank you very much. Besides, the TE doesn’t ahve that extra bit of inclined space for your wrist that the Vewlix, RAP VLX and HRAP.V3/VX have.


it will look like this



look a like

it will look like this



First, as mentioned before, it would be awkward to play on that since the inclined space in front of the TE isn’t as big as the one on the actual Vewlix panel and doesn’t act too well as a wrist rest. Also, that would require retooling the innards of the stick as the JLF would now be hitting edge of the inner plate.

And, as stated before, you could just get a HRAP.V3-SA or HRAP.VX-SA.


like this


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Ummmmm Try this :slight_smile:


art from art hobbies is going to be making TE panel replacements sometime in the (hopefully near?) future. when he does, then you can get whatever layout you want.