New patch coming for AE2012

Fixes the market place problem and small tweaks to Juri and Dudley I believe. Release date is Feb 21. Someone translate the page NAO!

Fucking finally. I see other people having these alts I can’t get and it bugs me. Were you able to get them before the 2012 patch or something? I never tried on regular AE since I never played it.

u could technically get it w/o being ingame

I could never find it. i was always drunk when I looked though

the first pack of alts are under sf4 and I think the rest is under super

I looked and just bought all the shit that was on both and I’m still missing the AE chars

The AE pack was removed because of bugs, that’s probably why you can’t find it.

^Thank you, I actually didn’t know that

Xbox 360/PS3 firm release date of Feb 21st for a 2nd patch. PC still waiting to even know the fucking DATE for AE 2012, which is only punishing people who can download the update at all (I.E. PAYING CUSTOMERS NOT PIRATES)

Capcom is a class act.

Did they ever fix the bug with Gen vs. Cody Alt. 1 costume?