New patch (yes second patch) announced


I got a chance to talk to my friends David Sirlin and Seth Killian yesterday, and they let me know that David has been hired on to work on a rebalancing patch! Here’s what I got from our conversation:

Akuma will be fixed. His raging demon super, which is not supposed to be inescapable, will now have a new command: jab jab towards short + roundhouse + fierce. The more difficult motion will make it harder for Akumas to do the super.

Honda will have a whiff animation on his ochio throw. To compensate, his hundred hand slap will “eat” fireballs on the first four frames.

Fei Long players will have to try harder.

Bison will have a 2 frame invulnerability on his jab psycho crusher, to help him get out of corner traps.

T Hawk will have a whiff animation on his dragon punch and hawk dives.

Chun Li’s neckbreaker has still been a problem for many players. When she does her neckbreaker, the words “HOLD BACK TO BLOCK” will appear on the screen. If it hits more than twice in a round the words will change to “STOP TRYING TO ATTACK, JUST FUCKING BLOCK IT. JESUS.”

Ryu will have a fake fake fireball. It’s done with QCF + punch. Ryu will assume the stance of a fake fireball, but a projectile will come out instead.

Ken’s dragon punch has been made easier to do. Each punch button will by default do the dragon punch of that strength. So pressing jab will do a jab DP.

Blanka will take triple damage when getting hit out of a ball instead of double damage.

Guile’s sonic boom charge time reduced by 2 frames

Zangief has no changes. Unless the player is Haru Tejyo, in which case all buttons except jab are disabled.

Nobody plays dhalsim so he was ignored.

Sagat’s short and roundhouse tigers can combo into each other again

Vega’s claw now comes off after 5 hits.

All of DeeJay’s normal moves knock down.


You forgot to mention that Cammy’s super can now be done in the air anytime. It should make her even more fun to play. But since she still needed some further tweaking, spiral arrows are now invincible on startup and done with a charge b,f+K motion so that she can out-turtle Honda.

And recognizing that boxer players were frustrated with not being allowed to properly negative edge TAPs, random TAPs now come out with 1/256 frequency upon pressing P or K.


Damn, I really believed the rumor that Balrog’s turn around punch could now be done with a DP motion too.


You forgot:

Guile mirror match round timers are always infinite. Also, the first player to throw 200 sonic booms in 1 round automatically wins the match.


did they fix the bug that causes players to ragequit when they see you’re playing honda with a winning record or is that ‘working as intended?’



You had me until I read this. That would be insane!


You had my full attention up through the first three paragraphs then I realized what day it is.


In other news, Capcom recently announced Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix: Rainbow Edition.


Good shit zass :china:


Best shit ever. I do this move as late as I can sometimes just to see what people are doing, and they ALWAYS are pressing Hard Punch. Every time. Doesn’t matter which character. Always S.Hp.


God damn !#$#@ April Fool’s Day!!! :mad:

Good shit, though, Julian. You had me for a bit. Damn. :rofl:

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I totally went to Capcom’s blog site before clicking into the thread. Only to get even more April Fools jokes… Well played sir!




That whole post is made of 100% real win :clapdos:


Dude… I f*cking love you! Too funny! :lol::lovin::pray::lol::lovin::pray::lol::lovin: :love::lol::lovin::pray::lol::lovin::pray::lol:

BTW…He’d still beast everybody… :nunchuck:


good shit :rofl:

its funny cause the first balancing change might have sounded even remotely practical. then it gets more and more hilarious as you go down.



Nice one.


I fell for his thread last year too


"Fei Long players will have to try harder"
I wonder waht threadstarter was getting at with this one…


For a few minutes I was trying to determine which changes were real and which were a joke:rofl:

Fuck stored oicho.