New PC or Buy A PS4?

Trying to decide whether to buy a new pc or get a PS4.

  1. Has anybody played a lot on both? Which do you prefer and why?
  2. Are regions on PS4 handled the same way? Can I set my flag to US even though I’m in Canada to get more matches or does this not even matter?
  3. Is in-game messaging better on the PS4? SF5 on PC feels pretty damn lonely to me…
  4. My stick is a Hori RAP VX-SA. Would it work on PS4?

i prefer PC. if you have a decent rig, it looks better, but of course runs the same (60 fps) on both machines, but ps4 version’s visual quality is locked at what would be considered “medium” on pc…running max settings at 1440p, you can really tell the difference, if you play alot of ps4 version and then come home to your pc version…(plus mods are a nice bonus)

regions are the exact same for what i can see no matter the platform your on. you set your flag at the beginning with your CFN id and thats that…

in game messaging is non existent. so you either talk to your friends on psn or steam and go from there. no extensive cross platform communication exists. not a stick guru, so i cant answer that question. if it worked on ps3, you probably will be able to use it under legacy mode in the options on ps4, and if its d input, you will need a third party program to get the game to recognize it on pc

I have both, and while the PC version definitely looks better, I prefer the ps4 version because I had a weird and embarrassing low frame-rate issue on the PC version. It hasn’t happened since version 1.02 I think though, so at least there’s that. I guess I’m just bitter about those 3 matches I was sure were the other guys fault, but then it turned out to be my computer.

I prefer PC. I have to admit the lack of being able to communicate with other people unless you already have them in your friendlist on steam is pretty fucking annoying. There is no ingame messaging system on PC nor in-game voicechat. It makes it really hard to grow a community on PC. If you played against a dude and you want to play them again/add them as a friend and communicate it’s impossible. You can add their CFN but aside from that, no communicating possible on PC. On PS4 you can use the PS4 messaging system atleast, much easier.

1.Visually the game just looks better on PC than PS4. You can mutitask really easily on PC, even better with dual screens, i hav the game running on 1 window and i’ll do browse, watch videos, write document, program etc on the other screen. You also don’t have to pay for PSN+, have to buy specific devices as every device will work on PC, even if the game doesn’t support it natively you can use an inputwrapper like “x360ce”. You also have mods which are fun to experiment with. Downloading of updates is done in minutes on PC while on PS4 it will take forever(for me atleast, take sometime almost an hour for only like 7GB)

2.The flag you set doesn;t matter, it’s IP based, so the regions will be the same, hough you might fight other people as they might have set it to “PS4 players only”

  1. Only thing i know about PS4 is that if you sent an inv to the CFN the PSN name attached to it will get the invite. Ingame messaging is non existent, however i’m not sure if it’s easier to figure out what PSN name is attached to the CFN. I’ll get back to you with that as i have the game on both PS4 and PC, although i hardly played it on PS4.

  2. Is the VX-SA a PS3 stick? SFV supports legacy controllers, there is a setting on the PS4 version wher you switch it on and you have to use the DS4 controller first for authentication or something and then you can use your PS3 stick. If it is a 360 stick it won’t work(in this case you would need a converter).

The experienc i think is generally the same on both systems, as it should be because it’s crossplatform.

Definitely on PC dude. If your PC can handle it the game looks much better. I have mine working with my MadCatz TE2+ and it’s a dream at 4K. Also, there’s something about input lag that’s better on PC I think. I know you can disable V-sync on PC via a file edit which kinda gets rid of input lag.

PC without a doubt, but get a good PC, the game isn’t demanding at all, so you can probably get a good one that can run it at max 60 FPS on the internet easily without it costing much.

i like how 7th and 8th gen controllers somehow allow private listening to the game.

Do you plan to be an online warrior only? go PC.
Do you plan to be a tournament player, go to or host locals offline? Go PS4
Most tournaments are run on ps4 and bringing out your ps4 to a local event is much easier than bringing out a pc. Its better to play on the same system you compete on.