New Personal Stick - In Progress - FeedBack Welcome


So I recently Moved and had some scraps of wood in my garage. A buddy of mine’s dad has some SERIOUS woodworking tools, and said he’d help me throw together a box with the scrap wood I had. Now I KNOW the wood isn’t perfect, but Again, it was scrap wood and I am trying to Build a budget Stick for my PS2. It is still in the process of being built, and I still need to order my White Seimitsu’s (Gonna take a while).

I am kinda going for a Knock Off TE here, with the side angles, I know they arent exactly like the TE, but Similar.

The final paint scheme will again be like the TE with White Side’s and Black Front and Back panels. The bottom will be plexi, and this will be running a Hacked DS PS1 PCB.

Any feedback will be appreciated.

After this is done, I plan on making and selling these as budget boxes for around 50$ before shipping. When I do make the ones for Sale Everything will be perfect, wood, plexi and all.

Lemme know what you guys think!

Trying to show off the angles a Bit.

The sticks will be set up for JLF, or Happ if I can get a Happ stick to work with. The buttons here are just for an example (Stock Green Goblin AgeTec Buttons).

As I get more done, I will post my progress…

Thanks for looking!


sweet. whys does everyone make there custom with the stick so far from the buttons though. i like it closer than that. closer to my center so my arms don’t get tired.


My first stick was a Green goblin and I loved the way it played. I modded one and gave it to a buddy for Xmas. I took the Metal plate off of it and use it as a template for all of my sticks. It may appear spaced out, But I actually prefer having the stick a little spaced. It make it easier for me when I play with it on my lap.


i agree with that, the stick seems kinda far from the buttons. EVAWINGZERO, did you check out the joystick/button templates at slagcoin? we used one on my buddy’s stick today.


Lookin good!

I agree with the spacing of the buttons/stick however it’s down to preference.


great looking stick so far. like everyone else i agree the button spacing could be a tad bit closer to the stick.

good luck on your project and hopefully those buttons comes soon!


u should cut all the angles like the te stick cut the angles up front have the back flat


Looking good so far. I want to see how it turns out.


Good job on your first stick. Once you’re done, you’ll feel really satisfied. Then you’ll want to make another. =D