New Philly Thread (Super Street Fighter 4 AE @ University Pinball)

Brotherly Love :lovin:

Events Coming up?

Tech Throw Thursdays (T3) Bi-weekly (21+) :tup::karate:

Parx and Chickie and Petes casuals/tournaments Coming soon ! :coffee:

NEC!! Top Tier EC Major December 4th-5th :tup::karate::rock:

Thanks for the new thread Chaos. Why the hell was the other one deleted?

Anyways, my event is up. Check it here

You all better show up and support this.

this is hal, tekken6 is that hotness :nunchuck:


Oooohh new thread! GJ Chaos… :tup:

Sooo… Anyone interested in some SF4/T6 this Wednesday evening? I can host… PS3, 2 sticks, 1 big lag-free CRT tv. I live 3 blocks from UP.

East Phuckin Coast!

Sounds cool casual Tekken. :karate: What time you plan on starting?

R.I.P. UP?! Dislike the title. :crybaby:

I might come just to try and learn a bit about the game if that’s cool.

I might re-start weekly soon

cuz i’m getting bored at wow lol

But, I’m not sure if players around philly still up for weeklies

One!! Come back to SF4 :woot: :party:

Come back One! I have a new car and can travel now for Games on Friday.
I should be there for this weeks weekly for Tekken. Miguel is coming.

I’ll be home by 7pm on Wednesday, you guys can come by anytime after that. 4311 Spruce St, phone # is 215-834-2921. :china:


**On another note: “SEPTA’s largest union went on strike early this morning - crippling a transit system that averages more than 928,000 trips every weekday in the city.”

SEPTA went on strike powerful this morning, so local travel for most people in philadelphia is K.O **

So unless everyone has a car, they done for a while.

But better than everything else and games… Phillies still in the world series baby! Fightin phils!! Just need to win 2 games to survive!

That sucks for people that don’t have a car.
Niggas better hit up that car lot for something cheap. If it were me I would buy a small car that isn’t that much just in case of emergency.

Dead Man. :wonder:

Miguel gonna Die. :grrr:

WTF SEPTA? What terrible timing for me…my friend who goes to Drexel was supposed to take the train down for the MW2 release. :bluu:

Funny, I go to Drexel also. But your friend should be straight, only the subway and trolly lines are down. Regional rail is still operational.

One: Just an idea but I like the concept of a bi-weekly tournament instead of a weekly. People will make much more of an effort to come if they’re not so much of a regular occurance. I loved going to your tournaments and all, but not being able to do anything else on Friday nights got annoying.

Hal posting:

SEPTA messed up my plans so now I gotta stay in NYC longer than I wanted to :confused:

For anyone that was gonna stay with me at NEC, the price will be $45 for the entire weekend. check-in friday, check-out monday morning

I will send those PMs soon lol

i’m also at drexel

Looks like me and One aren’t the only Drexel players anymore. No shit…