New Philly Thread (Super Street Fighter 4 AE @ University Pinball)

Don’t forget everyone tournament this Sunday, come try to get a free hotel room at summer jam 5.

And come chill with Pete this will his last tournament till summer jam.

Fyi, folks I may be hitting up Erics tourney, so the casual session this weekend won’t start until later likely say 10 PM.
It depends on if I can get Bizazedo (wheelchair guy that was whoopin ass with Bison) up in UP. If someone can give me a hand in lifting him I’m sure he’d like to play.
I don’t want to get a hernia tho.

Maybe he can come in the back door, I will ask Billy.

Bizazedo’s Bison is sick but the AE tourney at UP is usually run on their AE cabs… Not sure if he can play on stick? Or we could just have his matches on one of the PS3’s, I’m sure everyone will be okay with that.

Yep this might be my last Philly local tourney for a while!

I’ll be sure to be at that tournament. What’s the start time?

Well we grew up playing in the arcade. Dunno if he suffers from joystick withdrawal like I do tho.

Yeah talked to old boy and since AE is only on arcade we’re going to pass. Those who can’t make it to the tourney tho hit me up if you want to play in the evening. I’ll be around and Biz likely too. We’re still gonna session as usual around 8:00 or so. Just call 646.345.9910. We’re planning on starting weekly mini tournies too so heads up. Started a post in the tournaments section but didn’t realize E was going to be doing his thing every Sunday until the brawl. We may pick another day or hold off until the brawl is done if he’s not going to keep it regular.

Just hopping on here to let everyone know I’m game for some sessions. Just got back from Evo where I ran into Dr. Chaos at the roulette table but I don’t know a lot of the other Philly heads. I live in the northern 'burbs but am in the city all the time.

Mainly play Marvel with some T6 and MK9 mixed in.

Worstplayer - how is parking at your place? and I know North Philly is pretty hit or miss in terms of being ghetto or not… how is your area? I only ask because I have a newer car that I would really like to avoid getting broken into.

I have a soft top jeep wrangler that has never been broken into where I’m at. (it did get broken into in olde city go fig). Parking isn’t bad honestly. If you’re really paranoid I can prolly let you into the garage. Probably gaming tonight late around 9/10. Give me a ring, I need some MvC3 practice if I’m going to try and compete so holler. (646)345.9910

Wish I saw this earlier I might have actually entered MvC3… I need some serious players to kick my ass in the game so i will know when I am in training what I need to work on lol …I am at UP now and then … the last time I was there I played AE and used Ibuki. I had picked Juri by accident and then the other guy switched cabs with me cause he had picked Ibuki and said he didn’t use her. Played against that guy’s Makoto later and this other dude who played Guy. Not sure if either of them was in this thread.

(PS. To the Makoto Player: I was supposed to play him again but didn’t have any more money. next time.)

so whose stopping by the hubbsdome tomorrow?

Sorry I don’t check srk much, yeah we still host stuff on Saturdays.

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idk if this is the right place to be saying this, but Im going to Temple this fall and i wanted to find some people to play MVC and SF with. Im not really good, i just enjoy playing and I dont personally know anybody that plays fighting games seriously. Is there like a group of people that get together on-campus to play or is everything really @ UP

There’s a group playing on saturdays at classic game junkies in glenside

There seems to be a group on Fridays at the rec center. Never played though. I’m happy I found this thread though. It would be nice to have casuals and meet new Philly friends!

I go to temple and often go near kennsington to visit friends. I’d def be up for some gaming. Bad at sf4 and super turbo :slight_smile: is is ps3 or xbox?

Finally made a new account to get rid of that stupid Dewd name. Sup Philly! ;D

hi guys im new in town, i moved up from North Carolina and play MK9 and T6. im currently living in south NJ in Bellmawr, is there any gatherings or sessions i can drop by within an hr drive or so? i tried TYM and TZ but the forums there dont get much attention from the looks of it.