New pic of Ironman armor from the movie!

The movie is still a year from now but from the sounds of it it’s going to be great! Here a pic from a mag: Ironman
I like the design. Not Extremis armor but close.
Another pic :lovin: This movie sounds tight!

“Hustlin’” by rick ross plays Who is the villain supposed to be? Ultron? Red Dynamo? Mandrin?

…it should be Dr. doom.

yeah because Dr. Doom worked great in the F4 movies :rolleyes:

HEY! He was ok is rise. (he did the AAA at jhonny in the final battle. lol)

But he’s DOOM. He must be in EVERYTHING.

as long as the proton cannon is in the movie and he calls for it and it appears out of nowhere im down to see it

Pimp ass design

But the villain is mandarin

So, how do you figure they’re going to rewrite the Mandarin? Lord knows they’re not going to keep him as a Chinese bureaucrat ruined by Communism who stumbles upon a spaceship filled with dragons.

shit looks killer

they can change it like they did with dr.doom in f4, except unlike dr.doom the source material wouldnt suffer for being butchered

Dr Doom’s origin would of worked if they saved him for the sequel. Mole Man for the first movie, his monsters would of been great to see on the big screen.
Edit: Nice av Tigerboi, Avengers Assemble!

Nice, but needs more Proton Cannon.

Anyone is better than Tyresse gibson (Luke Cage? UGH!)

That was hilarious! :rofl:

Terrance Howard as James Rhodes - Good choice!

Everything about this movie is sounding and looking good so far.

At least we know Robert Downey Jr. can play a drunk well, here’s to Iron Man!

I was more interested in Bat’s new costume design in the first image, lol.

Cool they have Stane, could set up to have Iron Monger in the future. I would like to see fing Fang Foom, Killer Shrike, or Grey Gargoyle personally. Links to the new and classic suits if you want to see.

Some website has footage of the shooting in Chicago, like Heath Ledger skateboarding in the Joker make-up lol.

Here’s some footage from the game based on the movie: Link

lol@skrull tag

Found some more Ironman movie vids:[media=youtube]cfZcje4itQc&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Fforum%2Enewsarama%2Ecom%2Fshowthread%2Ephp%3Ft%3D123050"]Vid 1, Oh here’s some pics of old school Ironman armor:[URL=“”]From Comic Con

I saw the trailer from the Marvel Panel today and I thought it looked great. They showed some of the modern iron Man suit at the end of it. He was flying through the air with some jets. I really liked Robert Downey’s portrayal of Tony Starks.

They played “Iron Man” from Black Sabbath while classic Iron Man kicked some ass.

That owns so goddamn much.

Can’t wait for the final product.

Original Nick Fury, plz.