New pic

Hi everyone,

here’s a pic i recently drew and coloured via Painter.

If you want to see it full size, which i really recommend you do, please visit:

This is her original face which i had coloured with Photoshop. I didn’t like it at the time. But seeing it again, well i guess it would be a waste if no one saw it.

Thanks for looking.

thats really good man. I see your art style has changed up a bit. And your colours are looking better. How’s painter working out for you?

It’s slow progress with Painter. I find painting with Painter difficult at the best of times, actually maybe i’m exaggerating, but the transition from photoshop is a little awkward. SFMC’s thoughts on this thread: are pretty accurate in my opinioin. I really dislike the interface too.

Having said that the range of brushes are really nice, i love acrylics - which is what i used above. There is that special something when painting with Painter. Whereas with Photoshop, it always feels like you’re painting on a computer. Painter mimics real painting so well. If you have Painter i would definitely recommend using it. For me it feels like i’ve gone as far as i can go with Photoshop right now. By using Painter i might be able to try new things and then re-apply them in Photoshop. It’s all about learning i guess.

Thanks for the compliments. They are greatly appreciated.

looking good man. The first one is alot better than the 2nd one. Lighting is more consistant. Keep up the good work!

Thanks DFist. Funny how i spent so much longer on the second pic.

Looking good jz. The second one indeed looks better than the first. The problem you have with the first one is that the light on the forehead is too abrupt. More transition from dark to light to create that structure.

Overall nice.

cool pic. everyone’s given their comments on the colour so I won’t touch on that.
My main comment would be that she seems to be very low in the seat… while it may be perfectly correct given the position of the viewer, I think the pic would be better if we could see some of her shoulder + upper arm, as well as the headrest on the seat. It’s more a choice of shot than anything else, I guess.
Dunno if I’m making sense… my brains feel fried from work :stuck_out_tongue:

is this a face portrait or something?

That is so obvious now, i may go back adjust that when i find the time. Thanks.

I think you’re right. I normally don’t spend too much time or thought on the surroundings or in this case the composition and your suggestions probably would make a better pic. Thank you.

The main aim of this excercise personally for me was to improve my faces. I don’t normally draw from this angle too, so it was practice at a couple of things really.
I didn’t use a reference if that’s what you meant.