New player and member

Hey guys, as you can see I’m new here. I’m not new to fighting games. However, they were never really my “go to” game. I never got good at them, or even wanted to, until recently.

I was sick the weekend that NCR 2013 was on. I watched that all weekend, especially the MvC3 pools. After that, the games peeked my interest. I’m mostly interested in learning MvC3, and Mortal Kombat. Picked up copies the other day.

I’ll obviously have questions, probably dumb ones too (sorry in advance).

Before I start playing these games, what should I try my best to NOT make a bad habit out of?

Also, is it better to start off with a stick? Or is it really personal preference?

If stick is the best option, whats a good website to buy them from?

Well, as a pad player for years now trying to learn stick, my advice for a controller would be go with what you think you’ll…uh…stick with (hurr hurr I’m so cool and punny). Its really hard and frustrating to know what you’re doing and just not being able to execute stuff you normally can sleep through. It’ll be harder to learn stick initially just because pads are something used in literally every other game not on a PC, but if say a few years down the road you decide you want to change control schemes it’ll be even harder. Overall its really personal preference, but stick players do tend to have better execution (as well as not having an issue with different consoles being used since a stick is a stick whereas a PS3 pad is very different from a 360 one).

That being said a good stick is also $100+ dollars, so it is a bit of an investment. A MadCatz TE stick would probably be your best option in terms of quality and price, especially the SFxT, MLG or Soulcalibur ones as they’re cheaper than the other sticks they currently have.

As for bad habits…well if you were playing Street Fighter I’d tell you not to jump too much. I don’t know much about MK, but for Mahvel don’t just blindly call assists and protect what you’re calling out.

Sweet, thanks for the info. I will most likely be ordering a stick on friday. Probably going to go with either a Qanba or the MadCatz one. Decisions…

If you play on PS3 feel free to add me, although I’m relearning how to play I can still hop on the pad for serious games until I’m 100% over on stick and can see offer advice on what I see.

Add me if you want to play Marvel, but I am warning you. This game is harder than a pair of fake titties.

True that. I mean its not as hard as MvC2 or anything, but its much more difficult than it looks to maximize damage. Personally I find building teams to be the hardest part, because you have to consider a lot of factors before you even get to “Can I play this person?”