New player! Anyone want to be my friend?


Hey guys, Bookburning here with yet another lame title to a post. I’m a Juni-Pro Mortal Kombat player and staff member at who has picked up SSF4 (quite seriously this time.) Due to getting fed up with some unnamed problems I have with MK!

I have only been playing consistently now for a few days but it seems my fundementals have carried over quite fine and with training mode, I’m not having too many problems given my fairly new presence here.

Anyways I was wondering if anyone would like to add me, I don’t have any friends who play this yet and would love to make some. I would also appreciate the training/practice I get from it as in the future I plan to travel to tournaments. Right now I main Dudley because he fits my playstyle but this is most likely subject to change in the future. I also play on XBL at the moment and my ID is: Book Burning

Let me know! (Also I don’t know if this is exactly the right spot for this thread but if it isn’t the staff here at Shoryuken has my apologies.)


I’ll add you and try to give constructive feed back. But in the future go to the xbox portion of the online outlet:tup:


I’ll remember that and thanks for the reply bro. :slight_smile:


Gamertag KoolaidManGoBad I’ll give you some pointers :slight_smile:


Added bro, thanks for the reply.


you can add me i dont Play SSF4AE that much but if your on ill play-GT-necrotic805


As it has already been said, please use online matchmaking for your online matchmaking needs. If you have questions about the game, you’re welcome to post them here.