New Player - Belmont California

Hi guys

I posted this in south but was told i should post in North!

A freind of mine who plays 3s to a fairly high standard has just migrated to Belmont California from the UK. Ive told him he should find the nearest arcade, and meet some people for games, but hes been busy settling in.

So wheres the nearest Arcade to Belmont, surely theres one in the San Fran city area? And which players play there and roughly what days/nights do they play and when are the tournies held.

I am planning on coming out for about 2/3 weeks soon so other than absorbing as much sunshine as possible it’ll be cool to hit the arcades for 3s.

3s is the main game for both of us but all 2D fighters including MVC2, MVS2, GG are played at some standard while my mate also likes tekken where i prefer VF.

Sorry MVS2 should be CVS2

Oh wow Belmont is pretty close to me.
I’m about 20 minutes out from there.

There’s an arcade in San Francisco inside the Metreon mall. He can drive to Millbrae and hitch a BART ride


(Bay Area Rapid Transit, it’s a monorail that runs from Millbrae to Bay Point with plenty of stops/stations in between)

up to Powell Street station, then it’s about 2-3 blocks from the station. Union City’s Gamecrazy holds Third Strike, CvS2 and GG tournies sometimes, just check in the GZR Nights thread for dates.

if u want good competition u wanna head over to milpitas or sunnyvale golfland

I agree Sunnyvale golfland or goto SFSU Rack n Cue… Best places to go near him… SFSU he could get there via Bart…

Cheers for the help ill get him to check the posts and get down the arcades. By the time i come out he should have pretty good knowldege of the area and transport system so should be good.