New player, couple of questions


Hey, I attend a couple of local events every few months and was thinking about actually stepping into the scene. I have a couple of questions first though.

  1. Do people play on PC? I don’t really want to hook my Xbox up to my monitor (can’t play on TV because of lag). I have an old MadCatz TE stick for the Xbox that I can use on the PC version I’m assuming.

  2. I remember someone on my facebook posting that there’s yet another version of SF4 coming out soon? Should I just wait before dropping $40 on this game if another one is right around the corner?

Thanks in advance.

  1. Yes, people play on PC.

  2. Although they haven’t directly stated it, AE2013 will most likely be an update to AE. So there isn’t any harm in buying AE now. If you don’t want to pay $40, you could always wait for a steam sale.