New Player..Help!


Hi Guys! This is my first time posting on this forum… You guys can call me Double D or D for short :smiley:

So I first started playing fighting games on the ps 1 (Tekken) and stopped playing fighting games and played dota till now.
Recently I just couldn’t handle the team based game play(and attitude of dota players) and wanted to transition to fighting games again so i can improve my own mistakes not relying on others.
So the problem is about controllers. pads or stick?
Unlike many people I didn’t even go to arcades and never touched an arcade stick or fight stick.
Do i just go for pads like i do when i played ps1 or transition to arcade sticks?
Also if i’m going to pads i’m thinking between Hori fight commander 4 or Dualshock 4. ( what’s the difference between their advantages and disadvantage of the two pads?)
Thanks :smiley:


Pad or stick doesn’t really matter. Some will say that certain games favor using a stick. I think using a stick is more fun, but it’s just an opinion. If you make the transition, it will take a week or two to adapt.


Play what you’re comfortable with.
There’s great Street Fighter, Tekken and Guilty Gear players that play on pad and do well in tournaments.
Actually, the two best SFV players right now are Punk and KnuckleDu, both playing the game on a Dualshock 4.

For me personally, joystick doesn’t make much sense since I have played video games for more than 20 years with control pads.
Both have advantages and disadvantages so just go with what feels right to you.


Gameplay-wise it’s up to preference, but there are other pros/cons to pads and sticks.

Depending on what kind of pad you use there is a significant difference. Pads tend to wear out quicker and even if you replace parts they never feel quite the same again, which is pretty important at high levels of execution. Between the Hori pad and the DS4, I’m not sure how the Hori performs, but in terms of convenience the DS4 would be much better. Since it’s a standard pad there’ll be tons available, and if you should ever encounter issues with your own pad, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding one to borrow or buy to replace yours. Sticks are generally easier to care for since you can replace individual parts and the performance will be basically the same. If your button goes bad, you can just replace that button (or shift around another button that maybe you don’t use to replace the broken one). Also, sticks are easier to dual-mod, though that’s less of an issue nowadays since the XB1 is a ghost town in terms of fighting games. However, sticks are much bigger, heavier and are annoying to bring with you to places, whereas you can always just shove a pad in your backpack and be good to go.


Which do you think is better, Hori fight commander 4 or dualshock 4?


The DS4 is pretty poo. I only play on the Xbone controller when I play pad. The rounded edges on the face buttons, the nicer bumpers and triggers and the size and comfort are way better in my opinion. Plus it feels more rugged to me. The DS4 is flimsy.

But I play stick. The reason I started on stick was because I found it more fun. Like playing a racing game on a wheel. Though I play racing games on pad for the added control. But Guitar Hero is better on the guitar accessory.

And it turns out I am way better on stick. I also feel that SFV is easy on stick purely from a button layout with the three punches and three kicks. I don’t like to attack with the shoulder buttons.


are there any tutorials online for playing wih pads? (sfv)


I’m pretty sure he’s just concerned with gameplay and not the other stuff. That said, I’m not saying I agree with it, but I have heard that certain games (Marvel games in particular) are easier with a stick than a pad.

Couldn’t disagree more. The DS4 is really good and the D pad on the One controller is literally the worst D pad I’ve ever used. I can’t believe that it passed QC.



Personal preference will always win. I just find the DS4 feels cheap and cramped. The Bone control is more open and sliding on the face buttons and D-Pad feels smoother.

Stick is definitely easier to play things like Marvel and SFV. Some people don’t like sticks for MKX and games with block buttons. But I prefer a stick for block button games as well.

Mighty_DD, you don’t need any tutorials specific to a pad. Just watch any tutorials and press the buttons. You will figure out what is what.

Google SFV: Rising Up and then go to images and scroll down. There is a 360 control with the button layout. I believe the Macro options it refers too are the buttons for all kicks and all punches. The image comes from the Rising up videos off Youtube. I haven’t watched them but I assume they are how to tutorials.