New player here.. AE PC

Picked the game up during one of steams christmas sales and just started playing it last week as my first real foray into fighting games so I’m struggling to grasp everything.

I’m building a stick I originally bought parts for about 6 months ago.(unfortunately lizardlick never completed my order, I was waiting for neutrix adapters and Cthulhu MC at focusattack to reorder the parts) I’m using one of Art’s tek cases and just waiting until monday when my focus attack order should get here.

So right now I’m playing with my keyboard in a hitbox-style, and learning ken. He’s the person I’m most familiar with so I figured it would be best to learn the game with him, then move on to other characters.
My controls are ASD+space for movement and 456, 123 on the numpad for PPP, KKK…

I kinda understand some basic execution stuff like plinks and I just learned Ken’s kara grab but I have trouble executing the plink with 3 keys.

Going through ken’s trials, I’m stuck on number 16.
Clearly the part I’m having trouble with is the weak shoryuken FADC into ultra.

Should I be inputting the QCF buffered with the dash, or dash then do the QCF during the dash?

Also if anyone is playing the PC version who wouldn’t mind playing me and teaching me some things I’d be grateful.

Edit: finished my stick yesterday, it’s great.

which region are you on?
For basic execution stuff like your problem there are enough guides around (look into the noob forum), there was even a recent “first attack” (james chen show) exactly about this.
First one is more general (probably far too basic for you), second handles FADCs and some other things like plinking

I can imagine kara grab being hard to do on a keyboard since the keys are closer to each other than on a stick.[

[URL='’]I](‘’)'m also quite new to street fighter and 2D fighters in general so my advice is just to practice. FADCing is something you have to practice a lot and get used to, then it becomes second nature. Like the trial you are describing: I actually did that one recently and got it first try. Why? Because I have practiced FADCs on a lot of other characters so that it just comes naturally. Ken’s is actually one of the easier FADC ultras.

I’m in south east united states.

I bound grab to 0 on the number pad and I can kara grab 80% of the time with it now.

On that FADC, could you answer my question about the input for it?

Should it be:
:dp::lp:, :mp::mk:, :f::f:, :qcf::qcf::lp::mp::hp:
:dp::lp:, :mp::mk:, :qcf::qcf::lp::mp::hp:
with the double QCF acting as the dash?

both should work.
If you do the second variant, you will have to wait a moment after the QFCs (until the dash is completed). Do not press them immediately

Alright thanks. About how long does the game ‘store’ your inputs like that? Also do you recommend I just go on to other characters, or stick with Ken until I’m proficient with him?

Ive been playing AE PC for almost a year now - I use asd+space like you, however its not a good idea for your punches/kicks to be so far away. You need the right hand to execute the jumps to perform a lot of the crazy hitbox execution things. I use uiop (lp, mp, hp, three punches) and jkl; (same for kicks) on the keyboard and it fits my hands perfectly.

This storing system is called “input buffer”. I just can’t find the length of the window right now (after a fair amount of searching), though i’m guessing it’s something like 30 frames = .5 sec. Maybe a more knowledgeable forum member can tell you

Ken is not really an easy character, because he relies on a lot of links (I’m assuming you know what links are), so your execution has to be good. Ryu would be the character everyone tells you to go to in the beginning, though in the end it’s just up to what you like. Just don’t start with viper, gen, twins, dudley etc. cause they are very execution heavy

there’s this
:df::d::df::f::lp: :f:+:mp:+:mk: :d::df: :d::df::f: :lp::mp::hp:
hold the :f: after the uppercut for 2 frames then do the fadc with a single input.

I’ve been absent too long from the arcades and consoles.

I use arrows and QWE,ASD for PPP and KKK, hence right hand and left hand respectively.
I use WASD only for FPS or Action games that have mouse support.

Hence it is difficult to adapt to a stick or hitbox, except if I reverse the controls

But I notice that the keyboard has a limitation to the number of moves you can do, something it is much easier on a stick. Eg doing Chun-li’s bicycle kick and linking it with another attack is much more difficult on a keyboard.

I bound grab to 0 on the number pad and I can kara grab 80% of the time with it now.

i use WASD and TYU for punches and GHJ for kicks (played too many fps games…WASD just seems natural to me)
have completed every trial for every character and although some are insanely hard on a keyboard, some are much easier

harder for keyboard : the arieal hurricane kick ones (Ken,Dan,Viper, these are hard to do low off the ground which is required in the trials) the “wierd” Supers (vega, blanka, guile i remember guile had a flash kick->super trial and that one took me days) the 360/720 ones (mainly grappler moves, but good thing grapple moves arent comboable so they shouldnt take too much time) Dudley/Adon half circle moves (i dont know why but i can do any other characters half circle moves easily and i cant seem to get these two consistantly)
plinks (and because of this, links are harder to do) pianoing (because keyboards require more force to press than a stick,
this is harder to do, alot of the pianoing moves i just kept mashing :stuck_out_tongue: )

easier moves for keyboard : shoryuken motion (you can hold down and not let go, and just tap forward twice + punch or kick depending on move) charge motions (you can hold down back and even hold down and the move will still come out)

as for your question, i personally do :dp::lp:, :mp::mk:, :f::f:, :qcf::qcf::lp::mp::hp:
i can input the :qcf::qcf: very fast so it isnt a problem for me

Wait so some of you guys are playing with keyboard… don’t keyboards have a limit on how many simultaneous button presses they can handle?

you must be using a good keyboard.Online matches though can really screw a keyboard’s timing. Better use a pad or a stick. it probably has to do with the fact that keyboard keys are so close, so the speed in that case turns into a disadvantage if there is online lag.

Not all keyboards, plus you can apply shortcuts if you want many buttons at once.

:dp::lp:, :mp::mk:, :qcf::qcf::lp::mp::hp:

This wont work in any situation. Your FADCing into Ultra, but without dashing out of it. You’ll never be able to buffer into your Ultra.

Yeah, unfortunately I cannot back throw when I’m on the right side of the screen on PC, and it is impossible to plink.

Depending on the keyboard. Most have a limit around 3 or 4 simultaneous keys. In a lot of cases keys are also sectioned off in strange ways, where some combinations of 3-4 keys work but others wont. Any proper gaming keyboard doesn’t have this problem. It’s usually advertised as ‘anti-ghosting.’ I’m using a logitech G110 and I’ve never had any game drop keys on me. My old $5 keyboard on the other hand, had problems with S, D and space at the same time…

Also @JosekiTheGreat: it’s definitely possible to plink with a keyboard. That’s all I could do with mine, doubletaps are pretty impossible though…

dreadl0000rd: You’re wrong. [media=youtube]fusz4ZFsPis[/media]

I also have a Logitech G500 for a desktop machine. But during the trials it seems that some are impossible to perform with a keyboard, while others are much easier on an arcade stick. While you can press many buttons at once (which means punch or kick buttons), combining those with directional inputs blocks the move.

timing for keyboard must be even more precise than with a stick

Uhh, Logitech G500 is a mouse… If your keyboard isn’t letting you press all the inputs you need it probably doesn’t have the ‘anti-ghosting’ feature. Mine will accept up to 7 keys simultaneously and I haven’t seen a need for more than that, even in SF

but it’s funny you would say that, I find it MUCH more difficult adjusting to the stick. with the keyboard I can throw out ultras and fadc’s or whatever I want without out a fuss, with the stick I have to make sure all my motions are more deliberate.

my thoughts exactly, but the same can probably be said about keyboards by someone who has used sticks all their life

i meant the g510. problem lies not that you cant press all the keys but that if you register one move, there is no way during that move to buffer another one. while with the stick it works. though I can do 3-buttons ultras with no problem. maybe it is related to this. though I bought it a few months later so perhaps it has the firmware already.

3rd Strike doesnt have that issue. I have no idea where the problem lies. Is it speed of execution or precision? Because some trials were done with just a few tries with a stick, while I havent managed to do those trials with the specific keyboard up till now. you start the second move exactly the moment you press the attack button of the first move or before? I need someone to demonstrate it in person, because online guides make things more confusing.