"New" player here, getting wrecked every single online match I play


My first experience with street fighter started when super street fighter 4 came out, I bought it, and, as I was in college, could only play on weekends. Despite this, there was a time in which I was actually making it pretty good online, I had around 2200-2500 battle points, and I was enjoying the game, but eventually, people using retarded gimmicks online got the best out of me, and I quit. I played for less than a year.

Lately, I have had urges to play give this game another shot, and purchased Ultra, and after practising in arcade mode and beating it in the hardest mode fairly esaily, except for seth, for a few days I went online to try my luck.

I have been literally getting wrecked left and right, no excuses, people just plain destroy me.

My biggest problem is when getting up close, people always seem to beat my normals with theirs, and I get demoralized and start failing basic special moves. From there its just a slugfest like im a punching bag.

Being my biggest problem close combat, what do you guys advise me to do in order to get better?

Thank you for your time

  1. What character are you using?
  2. What buttons are you using?
  3. You should probably repost this here, more responses.


I used to play akuma, now im trying evil ryu and oni.

I use an arcade stick tournment edition s (a waste of a controller on me)


When I said buttons, I meant what kinds of attacks you’re using, sorry.

Well, if you’re only using the heavy attacks, (hard punch, hard kick) then you should consider that the game gives you that big damage at a cost of them being slow, and prone to being beat out by faster, less damaging attacks. Assuming you’re not just doing that, thre’s no real easy way to say this, you’ve got to hit the lab and try things out.

like setting the dummy to do the attacks that are beating you by the character that is beating you, and seeing what you can do to stop that by experimenting with your different attacks. That’s the mechanical part.

The “being demoralized” part, that one just comes with experience. If you keep getting counterhit by your opponent, consider: Using faster, more appropriate buttons that you know about from the training room above, or, what may be better, just blocking. Blocking gives you time to refresh and think about the right way to go forward. As time goes by you’ll be able to handle pressure better.


Yeah, they usually beat me with light attacks, I try practising the combos both online ( which goes in a disastrous way) and in the lab, but they are just too hard, that medium punch link after the axe kick for example, i tried it for 2 days and could only do it like 10 times at most.

I also have the bad habit of only blocking low, im trying to just block standing, but it seems like they just unleash an onslaught of attacks and im kept in block stun, and everytime i try to react i just eat it to the face…


you probably arent playing the metagame.

^Much of this information applies to SF4. He explains zoning better than anyone IMO.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQQCan5oo90 <- the absolute best tutorial ive seen on footsies so far.


I’ve been having a hard time of it as well.
Mostly iot’s because I can’t get any matches unless I set all parameters to ‘any’, and I just keep facing people who are B rank or better. I’m getting better, but a loss is a loss.


Same here, I have been facing people ranging from 1000 to 4000 bp, even one with 11k, who almost double perfected me.

Even so I have also played people with 0 bp who kicked my ass, but since the ranks and points were reset, you never know who is new and who is a veteran.

Of course I also wrecked a few that didnt even know how to block, but its sad that I only win against people who have no concept of how to play the game at all…


You lack understanding/experience. I recommend getting vaguely familiar with concepts such as frame data - not down to the digit or anything, but just understand what it means to be minus or plus on block, in order to then understand frame traps.

My guess is you’re struggling with frame traps, regardless if they’re unintentional frame traps that just catch poorly chosen normals.

I also recommend that when you lose a matchup, and you don’t see how you can beat that character with yours, that you look up as much footage on YouTube or other sources as you can. See how top tier players of that character deal with certain issues. Other than that I would recommend constantly thinking of what options the game provides you with that you could potentially deal with certain stuff.


Do I, like, have to play all day to improve? I have been playing as much as I can, but if I play too much I start feeling bummed out…


That will be the quickest way to improve. Do you follow any streamers/pro players in any games? Notice how they’ll stream themselves playing often for 4+ hours at a time? Notice how they stream every/every other day? It’s one of the biggest reasons they are on top, they actually play the game. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should quit your day job, I’m saying that you can play just a little bit every day but you may not see drastic improvement.


I have been playing almost all day, but I am demoralizing really quick… I just keep getting stomped by people spamming normals and crossing me up like theres no tomorrow.

I think the BP reset was the dumbest thing ever but whatever…


The quickest way to improve is not sitting online playing all day when you really don’t have a clue what you’re doing. The best way to get better is to sit down next to a real person, who understands the game and can point out what you’re doing wrong. Find local gatherings and play with people and ask questions when you lose.


I live in europe, and in the country I live there isnt a big interest on SF


Look around and you might be surprised, also record matches and upload them to one of the match critique threads so people can see where you’re going wrong.


There are no arcades here man, the culture is different from what you guys are used to in the US.

The only fighting game I have ever played in an arcade here was Tekken Tag Tournment, the first one, and it was like 7 years after it was released.

I have taken part on a local tournment that happened almost 10 years ago of tekken 4, only after 3 months of owning the game (it was my first tekken and fighting game ever) I managed to place 4th.

I figured I would dedicate myself to play tekken so I could win the next tournment, but there never was a next one, here or in any nearby city, of my knowlege.


Nobody plays in arcades here either. I used to run ranking battles out of my living room and have had as many as 26 people over, that was in a college town in central Illinois.


In the videogame’s stores around all people play is magic, not even videogames.

People in college only play league of legends, and a few others WoW. The only popular “fighting” games here are WWE. That, soccer games, and GTA are what every single console owner has in his/hers reportoire, other than that is not very popular…


You don’t have to, but playing as long as you can maintain an active interest in the game helps. I find I don’t learn very much at all if I’m in zombie mode/frustrated/doubtful about myself so if you’re there you might want to stop. But as long as you’re in a confident state and are looking out for stuff, go ahead.

If you’re getting tired though, another way to help yourself is to rewatch you matches and see what they did wrong, and finding someone who can critique your matches, in-person best of all, but you could also try the threads in this forum or your character’s forum that critique stuff.


I think the reason i get wrecked is because im being frame trapped all the time, which means the people i play against are all way above my skill level…