New player here, need Ibuki help

So right after EVO 2011 I went out and got SSF4, because I didn’t like watching the streams and not understanding it, so I could only really enjoy watching the MK9 streams

Anyway I originally wanted to main Vega, but I decided very quickly that I despise his inputs so I went with Ibuki instead.

I’ve owned the game for a couple weeks now, but I still haven’t played it very much. Anyway I’ve read the guides on Ibuki, and watched videos, etc. but I have one specific question

On various forums and in EVO commentaries, people mention how Ibuki only needs a knock down and she’s set because of her great mixups. I’m just a bit confused. I know what a knockdown is, and I know what mixups are :stuck_out_tongue: but I just don’t know what I should do as Ibuki. I find myself knocking the foe down rather often, but it bugs me because I know I’m not taking full advantage of the situation. I usually just stand at a safe distance and wait for them to get up :expressionless:

So tell me guys, what’s the super godlike stuff that Ibuki can do after a knockdown, and how do I pull it off?

It’s getting a major update tomorrow, but for now take a look at this: Ibuki Player Guide (book)

Thanks! This’ll be very helpful :slight_smile: