New Player In Street Fighter 4 and my thoughts so Far



This is my first ever Street Fighter Game I ever played besides Street fighter x Tekken. I am a Neatherrealm Fighter and I am Amazing at it. I need help learning how to play with Cammy. I need help learning Frame Data, her best Set ups possible and her hard links. I have Super Street fighter and not Ultra because it was free on Xbox live.I also don’t like the user name set-up where it force you have have a ugly underscore and a number. If any staff can change the it to RaHelios then that will be amazing. Not having those things will be Great. I really like this game because its new and fresh. I want to be the best Cammy possible and I am very dedicated. I just need a high level player to teach me how to play. My Gamertag is Ra Sheba Kelios on Xbox live.

My First impression of this game is people love to smash out of string which is annoying in rank and they just play stupid. I realize Yesterday playing bots on Very hard help me to level up much then dealing with random crap in rank mode. plus it will help me practice my links. I usually play with friends that Knows how to play the game and not button smash.

This game make feel so salty when I lose out of all the games I play (Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Injustice, Virtual fighter) because people just button smash online like I said and it annoys me and I feel like punching something. I have never been so frustrated in a fighting game this bad.

The game is fun but I just need to practice on my links.

I love Street Fighter x Tekken because the links are easy like playing other fighting games and people don’t mash out of link which I love about that game.

So these are my thoughts. Again. I need help, so help me please.



You’re clearly in the right path there… being humble is everything and you are already amazing at it!


Thanks bro. Trying to pick this game up. I love it. Its fresh but hair pulling. I’m trying to Only Main Cammy for now but Juri Posion, chun li and Cody I will main later.


Thanks. Do you have anything for Super Street fighter Arcade edition and Frame data?