New Player - Kind of Embarrassed - Cannot complete Ryu Challenge #9

Hey guys

So, I’m brand new to SSFIV, and I’ve decided to start with Ryu, as I’ve heard he’s great for new players to begin with.

I am currently mixing it up between playing online and going through the challenges. For some reason, I cannot complete challenge #9.

It asks me (as part of the combo) to do a c.HP into Haduken. No matter what I do, no matter what timings I try, for some reason I cannot get this thing to work. I even went into training and turned on the action text, or whatever, so I could see my inputs. Everything looks fine there. I can do Hadukens all day long, if I am just standing. As soon as I add the c.HP (an uppercut), I can’t do it. It literally feels impossible. I watched a youtube video on the challenges, and his Haduken goes off almost as soon as the fist makes contact with the opponent. I tried that, but to no avail.

Obviously it’s me, and not the game. Any tips?

p.s I’m using a Mechanical Keyboard

Reference video

I don’t really know how to explain this in a technical step by step way. What you really have to do is try different timings until you get it. Once you have it, repeat it until you have it down before moving onto the next one. It would be best to get to where you can do it multiple times in a row.

Also I would buy an arcade stick or at the least a PS3 controller to use.

As long as I like this game, I was planning on saving up some $$ to get the $180 Mad Catz stick (this wouldn’t be an impulse buy, I want to make sure I enjoy the game enough first).

I the meantime, would you say that a PS3 controller is that much better than my keyboard? If so, I’ll go down to wally-world and pick one up right now :stuck_out_tongue:

c.MP shouldn’t be an uppercut, it should be a straight punch, and the way i like to do it(on ps3 pad) is hold down, then hit mp and while mp is coming out i just roll my thumb around from down to down+forward, then ending it with forward + punch. works everytime

Yeah I would say it’s much better honestly. My arcade stick has had some problems and I’m actually repairing it tomorrow and I’ve been using the ps3 controller in the mean time. It works well, not as good as a stick but it will do in the meantime.

I learned SF alpha 2 and Super SF2 Turbo with a PS1/PS2 controller when I was starting out.

Sorry I typed it wrong! Should be c.HP

Ah, well still the same motion. I agree with blockhead that a ps3 pad is a step up from a keyboard, but i’ve never used an arcade stick, but i hear good things about them.

You won’t believe it, but you really helped me out!

I was crouching for the punch, then re-crouching and trying to Haduken. When I just rolled from one to the other, like you describe, it worked the very first time.


Glad to help

If you’re still in the market for an arcade stick, I’d recommend hitting up SRK’s very own Trading Outlet. You can find awesome sticks for much cheaper than off-the-shelf.

Also, for what it’s worth, I was a die-hard pad player for years until SFIV dropped. I switched to stick and it was the best choice ever. Nothing compares.

With sticks, I find it’s best to either go hard or go home.

You need a good durable stick, So either go for a TE or something reliable on the trading outlets. My TE has taken a lot of usage and it’s still going strong as day 1. Switching to a stick is the only way to level up using money. Fo’ real.