New Player Looking For Some Advice =p

Hey guys,
I am new to the fighting game community but I have been playing many fighting games in the past starting with dead or alive, to tekken tag, to soul caliber 2. It is something I enjoyed for quite some time but I digress. I want to get into the marvel scene. And I have been reading a lot of “tier” and “character loyalty”. I feel that I play better when I pick characters that I actually want to play. Therefore the team I am interested in making is spiderman, vergil, and ghost rider. I was thinking of spiderman on point, vergil as user, and ghost rider as anchor to counter phoenix players with his ridiculous long range and the fact that he can just random super his whip that covers half the map. The only problem I see with this team (other than the fact that my characters have no health, which I like cause it forces me to learn to block and find openings rather than spamming) is no stable otg. Yes I am aware that spiderman and vergil have an otg but they are not very good, in my opinion that is. I also don’t see very much DHC potential. If there is something I noticed from a majority of teams and good players is their main mission is to get you with 1 hit and then kill that character. I can’t see doing that with this team. Tell me if you guys do, please I want all sugguestions: Is this team viable? do you feel that there would be enough synergy with each other? Remember guys don’t just throw “no cause its not top tier or no in general.” I need logic to understand, reasoning. Thank you guys and I can’t wait to get my feet wet in a month or two competitively. =p

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