New player, looking to get involved in SF3


I want to try to get in to SF3 competitively but nobody on FightCade (emulator for fighting games with online multiplayer) is really willing to teach me anything. The most I got was lag from players in Mexico and people telling me to stop “sandbagging”. Not sure what sandbagging is exactly, if someone could answer me on that. Anyways, (I hope this isn’t the wrong thread for this) maybe someone could be my tutor? Teach me how to play the game? It’s probably the fact that I tend to pick up difficult characters (Ibuki, Akuma) but I really feel like they speak to me. Anyways, sorry for being a pain about the whole thing, just wanted to throw this out there in hopes of getting better at the game since this website is used by vets and stuff.

Anyways to get the point across…

I want a tutor so I can get hands on training in SF3 and get better at using Akuma or any other shotokan characters.

Sorry for bugging you guys.




As you can see by your replies the game is pretty dead at this point. I didn’t play it so I can’t help you sorry dude. Best I could suggest is to watch some tutorials on youtube and go from there


I wouldn’t say it’s dead at all (it’s quite active on Fightcade), but most of the discussion on 3S has moved to other channels of communication rather than being on SRK even though there are still people posting on the 3S subforum every now and then.
It’s more that asking for a tutor is kind of weird when nobody has any idea what level he’s on.

My best suggestion is actually to get some recordings of your games and post the footage (there’s a 3S subforum further down, use that). Makes it easy to see what you need to work on. There are also guides around that are worth reading, but nothing really substitutes playing matches or exploring things in training mode.


if you want advice you should join third strike junkies group on facebook or post in the 3s sub forum. the game is still quite active online and at tourneys, but almost no 3s players check the newbie dojo section.


I am in the same boat as BubbleButt, I have been spending alot of time playing SF3 and vampire saviour on fightcade. I really love both games, but don’t have a constructive way to get better at them.


I’ll play some matches as Chun Li later today and give you the recordings.


Hey, BubbleButt I might know a guy who can help you get better. If you want a tutor download Discord and PM me. I’m not too bad myself, but I know a few people who can beat me consistently and I can put you in contact with them too.


Alright, after class I’ll add you.


What’s your Discord btw?