New Player looking to Level Up

So I played a good amount of SF4, but I stupidly stopped playing because I was a Halo 3 Pro, and MLG was my league, and because of complications SF4 couldn’t be picked up. So I decided to go back to the thing I was good at. After a while I realized that I had overstayed my welcome with halo and that it was getting boring. I love this community from what I knew of it back in vanilla and I really wanna get back into this whole thing. I realize now that there are a lot of other tournaments and ran-bats I could go to and that just because it’s not picked up by 1 league doesn’t mean I can’t compete in other areas. Anyway, enough of that.

I’m looking to level up with someone. I’m not completely scrubby but i’m no-where near where I want to be. Sadly, because of the Hiatus I took, I’m not confident enough to go to EVO (on top of the fact that it’s to late and plane tickets are crazy expensive) So I really just someone on my skill level or preferably better to play with A LOT and learn from. I’m on unemployment right now so i’m looking to pull a diago and go 8 hours a day.

If it matters at all, I play Dictator.

GT: Activee

Try looking for local peeps in the regional matchmaking section or online players in the xbox live section. The newbie dojo is generally for gameplay questions. Welcome back to street fighter though.

MLG Halo level? thats not really comparable to Pro SF level. Not saying Halos bad, its just something that’s unrelated

Well it kind of is, if you’re dedicated enough to put the time in with one game to get good, chances are you will be again with another.

Ya, I guess I should explain that. I meant that if you are good at Halo, it wouldnt mean that you’d be good at SF

nobody said the two were related…

You don’t have to put NEAR as much time into halo to be good as you do street fighter

Seriously, nobody helped him yet, anyways add me if you want, i play a horrible guile

I added you bro, can’t wait to play.

Super Street Fighter IV , its all you need (besides love)


Sorry for the dumb question, but did you upgrade to Super Street Fighter IV? In addition to new characters, there’s balance changes and that’s what most tournaments play (unless your aim is Tougeki - SBO, think there’s some qualifier at a play 'n trade in California).

Yeah I picked it up :). I actually just played with Gootecks today, he’s actually helping me out a bit too. I <3 this community :slight_smile:

Good luck in getting better :slight_smile:
I know how hard it is to play two games competitively at once…

Good luck in getting better :slight_smile:
I know how hard it is to play two games competitively at once…

Thank you very much :). I actually quit halo, so it’s SF all the way :slight_smile:

Were you the same kid who was going to document some road to Evo with that other MLG scrub…only to drop out within a few months?
Hope you are serious with your claims this time.

At least this one stuck around longer than the majority of the '09 crowd lol.
Best of luck to you, Active.

Yeah. I apologize for that. It was really disrespectful of the game/community to quit out on it, but I gave my reasons in my post. This time I wont be quiting though. Nice to see you again…

haha, thanks bro :slight_smile:

I think what is annoying is that you are among a community here of people who want to be really good at this game- this is a competitive hobby.

This is what we are all doing here- go to the bison forums and there are 300 people who want exactly the same thing you do. The way you reference getting good is kind of implying that you are going to get better than everyone here in a shorter amount of time by means we don’t use, or without contributing.

Everything you need is here already. You can read the bison forums for other player’s insight. You can read Seth Killian’s articles on how to get good. You can go to matchmaking threads or regional forums to find opponents.

Unless I am missing something?