New Player Needs Help:(


I just picked up SF4 and UMVC to start getting into fighting games along with a stick but buying things doesnt buy skill and the more i play endless battles the more i get kicked out, for i think being bad cuz i dont win at all. With this i dont get any practice, i dont mind losing at all cuz i know im not good. Im looking for practice partners or even a teacher to help me out and or maybe some suggestions on the best way to practice and get better


There’s one secret to improving, and there is only one secret. In fact I should start charging people to hear this advice, it is truly the secret to being a god at fighting games.


Play the game. And then play it some more. Play it vs good players, play it to learn, just keep playing it.


Did you read what im saying i dont get any playing time cuz i get kicked out of lobbies if this was any other game they would be forced to play me


First of, what console are you playing on? I would assume xbox since a lot of ppl play on that. You will need the fundamentals in both games, and that’s going to be the hardest part especially since MvC is a totally different game then SF.


You could try playing ranked instead of endless, you get kicked less there (as long as you aren’t laggy). Your rating is going to be poo, but… well, rating is whatever.


No don’t listen to the guy above. Keep your ranking clean from ranked since your new. Listen to density. Your a scrub why are you asking for help when you just got the game. Just play the game first for a good while, before you look up help. That’s like stick noobs that barley get the stick, then they post up a thread complaining that they needhelp eith execution!!!


i just want to focus on sf4 for right now and yea im on xbox


Honestly, who cares? Online ranking is meaningless. If it helps him find matches faster, great.


I HEAVILY doubt you get kicked from 100% of the lobbies you join, and you can just play ranked.


find the srk lobby. also, I concur with the idea; play ranked to get more matches. Study ur ass off here. Find real live people to go play. I drive an hour to play real people in the Detroit area almost once a week.


Find friends to play with! If you go to the Regional Matchmaking page, there’s definitely a community within at least 40 minutes of you.

If you can’t find one, make one!