New player/poster saying hello

Hey everyone.

I’ve been reading these boards for a few months now but I haven’t posted at all until today. Thought I would say “hi” to all the regulars here and introduce myself.

I live in Los Angeles, I’ve been playing Third Strike for about 2 years but only playing it seriously for 6-7 months. I’m a mediocre player at best but I love the game (it quickly cured my MMORPG addiction). My friends and I (there are probably 10-11 of us) all go to CalArts (for LA locals, it’s in Valencia, right by Magic Mountain) where we have a modded Xbox in an arcade cabinet that we play on.

I play Akuma mostly, but I’m trying to teach myself Q, and I used to play Dudley fairly seriously. Most of what I’ve learned has come from match videos and info on these forums.

Maybe someday I can convince some of my friends to go down to FFA with me and we can get our asses handed to us. Until then, you can just marvel at my noobishness, and maybe answer a question of mine from time to time.


Dear Sir or Madam:

Hello. How are you?

You probably shouldn’t pick up Q. I don’t know if anyone told you, but he’s kinda not that good. Once you get to high-level play, the game evens out a bit and the differences between players using high and low tier characters aren’t as pronounced as they were when you and your comp weren’t as good, but it’s still considerably harder to win with Q than with most other guys in the game. That said, if you’re intent on using him, welcome to The Club, just be prepared to lose a crapload of games before you get decent with him. Check out the ol’ How-to Q thread in the Q forum for some info on picking him up.

As for getting good at 3S in general, there’s no place in the country better for it than the good ol’ LA area. FFA in Granada Hills always has great comp, and Interface in Simi Valley gets great players too. I live in Moorpark half the year (although I’m going back to school tomorrow). Where do you live? We should play sometime. How’s your June?


PS Being sick totally sucks. I might be too sick to make it to the LA Auto Show tonight, and that would totally blow.

Oh trust me, I’m well aware that Q is a bitch to learn (your guide’s helped me a lot). I can hold my own with him against my friends, but if I tried to use him against anyone who really knew what they were doing I’m sure I’d get slaughtered. I know Q is bottom tier, and Akuma isn’t a top contender either, but I just really enjoy using them… I started out playing Chun, and I could kick ass with her, but she just wasn’t any fun to play. I guess I’d rather enjoy the match than win it, crazy as it sounds.

When are people usually playing 3s at FFA and Interface? Are there any other arcades with decent 3s competition in the LA area? I’d love to get together and play against you sometime, my schedule is pretty weird until I graduate in May but I’m sure I can find time.

Don’t be discouraged. Like Dave said he’s harder to learn theres no question about that but the most important thing is to play who you like and then go from there.

Especially if you are just learning 3rd Strike do alot of experimentation with Q before you start digging into advanced strategies.

I hear that Super Arcade gets a fair amount of good comp. I’ve never been there before, though.

Where’s Super Arcade?