New player to Street Fighter 4.. Somewhat

Skip first paragraph to see my problem.

Just a quick Introductory, I’m Bizkit, of course you guys don’t know me… I just recently picked AE up 3 days ago, I have never really played and Street Fighter game since the Turbo 2 Days… When I was a kid… Getting my ass kicked by AI and screaming at the television. Now recently I got into fighting games with the release of Mortal Kombat, and I have progressed really good on that game… I am very happy with my performance with it. However I’m talking about SF4 here. Anyways…

To the point, I’m an Akuma player (But my problems are the gameplay in general). I am having difficulty with quite a few things. First off, I fail to actually land good hits on my opponent, I hardly ever able to use the BNB, and the only thing I actually hit are down jabs, and sweeps. However I’m not able to progress, it seems if I try to commit to jump in HK, fierce punch… You know the rest, It gets blocked, and I get punished for it… What I really need to know is, how can I get this combo to work? How can I make down jabs and shorts linked into a combo? I’ve tried hard to do this in training, doesn’t seem to work…

However, I’m hoping someone can help me out. Sorry if I’m not too clear, kinda frustrated at the moment, and really don’t know what else I’m doing wrong.

Get a six pack of your favorite beer.

Drink beer, spend hours upon hours in Training Mode with the Auto-Block feature turned on for basic combo training.

Seriously, I can’t stress how important it is to spend so much time doing basic combos to the point where you dream about them. When you can execute them near perfect without thinking, you’ve already won half the battle.

I’d just recommend at least trying each character, pick one you’ll prefer and master the input, be able to do any move or combo your going to use at any given time and you should be ready for online. You can’t practice mind games in training mode.

Also Mountain Dew or a Slurpee is better.

Yeah go to practice mode if you want to perfect execution. It’s also great if you have a sparring partner just to play for hours at a time. Eventually it just becomes a reflex.

Most recommended is playing it cool; block whenever you’re unsure of something and remain blocking until you’re sure you have an opening or have to respond to something. Also in playing it cool is through mental state. That is, always staying level-headed so you can focus.

No, don’t make it become reflex… that’s one of the worst things you can do. You’ll fall into patterns and be predictable when you play. Always be conscious of what you do. Never rely on muscle memory.

Double Edged sword :confused:

I’m relatively new to playing Street Fighter ‘seriously’ too and the ONLY way I’ve found to learn combos is just fucking grind grind grind. Theres no other way. It might seem like you are learning nothing but trust me when people tell you about muscle memory it isn’t some mythical asset that only the best players posses. If you keep putting time into it you’ll eventually get to 50% then 80% then 99% execution.

To start out, getting you combos down to the point of being able to do them on command is key. When you GET to that point however, is when the really tough part starts. Now you have to start playing the mental game that makes Street Fighter what it is. Learning when to do what is so much more important than hitting those 1 frame FADC links.

Well what I said by reflex is just you’ll be able to react in time in whatever situation. I guess I used the wrong wording by reflex but yeah.

MK and SF are on totally different levels. I got SSFIV last year, quit playing after a month or two because I just was frustrated with how difficult it can be. Got back into the fighting games with MK release also, which I foudn to be TOO easy. When I could sit in the training room and make up combos I started losing interest.

The most simple combos in SF are really still infinitely harder then the most complicated combos in MK.

I like to just put on a good Pandora station and just grind out combos. I do everything 10x in a row both ways…one execution error and I restart the count. It takes something like 5,000 repetitions to really instill muscle memory. So alot of practice…

Thanks for the help… I have been practicing combos… And they are coming along nicely. However I am still having trouble. Maybe if you guys would be willing to spar a little bit with me and critique me? I’d appreciate it a lot…


Contrary to popular belief, theres more characters than Ryu, Ken, and Akuma in this game :slight_smile:

I’ve got a question along these lines too. I was advised to try out Ryu as a new player, as he can take part in nearly every aspect of the game. However, I’m not sure who I want to main yet. Should I play Ryu to feel out the game and get a grasp on the basic mechanics while grinding combos for the character I decide to main? I feel like if I pick a rushdown character (which I’m inclined to at the moment) I’ll not gain a respect for zoning or any other mechanics such as that as they won’t be accessible to me.

Ryu is extremely solid but you can go with any character (wouldn’t recommend extremely execution dependent characters like Viper though.) You can learn fundamentals with any character. Another good choice for character to learn all important things, even rushdown, is Balrog. Very strong normals, dash punches and HK jump-in WRECKS lower level players who don’t block high. Another good thing about Balrog is that you’ll learn to block since you’ll be holding downback most of the time. Very easy to learn the concept of punishing by doing MP+HP.Headbutt against shitty wakeup SRK spammers.

I’ll add you. My XBL name is the same and guess who my main is?

I could use some help too. Rock Band 3 is so hard to get away from with pro guitar mode and my SF game has been neglected for almost a year.

Your problem is simple. You’re trying to apply fundamentals from MK to SF. MK works that you dial in the combo and commit to it. SF doesn’t work this way, you need to hit confirm before you let the combo rip otherwise you get punished and killed. The combo system also uses links which will probably be a nightmare for you coming from an easier combo system like MK. I would suggest you play a character like Ibuki or Guy since they can get by with their target combos which should be easier for you to get the hang of transitioning from MK.

With links, you should know timing is key. Don’t mash as fast as you can to get it to come out. You pretty much have to sit in training mode and discover the exact timing, it’s a pain but you’ll get it.

I’ll add you, and see if there’s any tips I could give you.

You mean learn to hit confirm.

it’s always nice to see people who are willing to devote some time to learn a game. definitely spend time in the practice and get all your inputs memorized and hop online whenever you’re ready. should also keep in mind that the online competition itself is part of the learning experience, so keep at it even if you find yourself losing a lot.

wth dude, LOL