New Player. Want to learn Dhalsim. Where do I start?



Hey guys, I’ve been playing street fighter for about a month now and I want to learn Dhalsim only problem is I’ve no idea how to begin. If someone could show me how to get started that would be much appreciated.


Learning the game from (almost) the start with Dhalsim is rough but I did it.

Big things I would recommend for someone new to learn:

  • Get a handle on teleporting
  • Learn ALL your normals well. They all do very different things and hit very different areas and unlike most characters many of them have substantial hit boxes you may not want to offer to your opponent.
  • Learn to block and backdash

The main things you want out of any match are to stay half to three-quarters of a screen away from your opponent and if possible leave yourself some room to back up so you can maintain that. Being trapped in the corner is a death sentence for Dhalsim as you will lose a toe-to-toe fight with every other character almost regardless of your skill level. Keep in mind that Dhalsim has no combos other than a few normals linking into yoga flame so all of your damage is going to come from reading the opponents moves and punishing appropriately.

When you’re starting out simply air teleporting behind people and popping them with an overhead should be enough to win you a few matches. As you get better people will get better about blocking high attacks and punishing your jumping. You’ll need to get work on making people respect your airspace and improving your ground game.


Cool thanks!


Most people are fairly easy to condition online. If you utilise your fireballs correctly, you can avoid having to simply read movements by being the one manipulating them. Frequent pops of a fireball pretty much always makes people more likely to stop jumping in. A quick anti-air and that shuts them down, leaving them wanting to rush in. If you can keep them back and force them into trying the air you control the game better as most characters will have an easy time hurting you if they get in too close.

As a general rule, I feel that if I’m just outside their sweep range, I’m far too close.