New player wanting general help (ssf4 ae & umvc3)

Hello everyone , I’m new to the fighting games in general. I play both ssf4 ae and umvc3 on ps3 and i have some questions to ask in each games. I know the basics such as links, combos, cancels and even FADC (though i can’t pull it off). here are my questions.

1.I main E. Honda in SF and I wanted to know if anyone got tips or tricks to cancel into fierce hands. I have no problem with cancelling but it isn’t always the fierce version which comes out.

2.Could someone link me a page with his combos? I went to the thread in his character subforum but I feel like they are all over the place.

3.I play Thor/GR/Hawkeye in umvc3. Can this team work?

4.Lastly, when i feel pressure, i tend to forget each and every combo I learned and memorized in training. Did it ever happened to someone else.? How can I change this?

This is pretty much all for now. I only play during week-end but i would be glad if someone could help me.

  1. I can’t help you here, I know absolutely nothing about Honda. Sorry

  2. Honda Combos
    I would assume all of his practical combos are right there at the top of the first post.

  3. Any team can work if you put in enough time and effort into learning how each character works alone and together with the other two.

  4. Practice practice practice. It helps your muscle memory if you can do your combos with your eyes closed/sound on, and vice versa, that way when your in those kinds of high pressure situations you can just let your hands do all the work and let your mind focus on what your opponent is doing.

Hope this helped at all.~

  1. [media=youtube]bmx_mnW9h-Q[/media] (Start at 2:17)

  2. (near the middle of the page is a list of the most commonly utilized Honda combos you should know)

  3. Sorry I don’t play UMVC3 :frowning:

  4. I feel the same way sometimes, it just takes practice to get over it. Play a lot of games against someone else while under pressure, and you’ll get used to make critical decisions in the midst of those kinds of situations. Sorry if this wasn’t the answer you were looking for… I’ve gotten used to my combos so much that it’s become muscle memory for me, even under high pressure situations.

First, thanks to both of you. Then, I play on my ps3 controller so pianoing in a little hard to do. Do any of you know if its possible, people doing it and if they had to change their controller settings?