New player wanting to play Ibuki

Ok Im new to 3rd Strike Ive basically found my chracter I wan to to play and its Ibuki A freind told me I was going to have a hard time is this true? Im still going to play her though any pointers?

Oh man…

Read the thread…watch vids…then ask specific questions afterwards.

ok thanks.

Ibuki is a based on chain combos. She is also one of the quickest, but physically weakest.

These 2 points by themselves make her a tough character to use already cuz…

  • she has many many many moves to memorize and use at appropriate times.
  • she has the most chain combos in the game, more time to learn them all.
  • she generally does shit for damage, which means you will probably have to hit your opponent more than they hit you before one of you goes down.
  • she has the 2nd lowest stamina in the game, which means you go down real fast once you start getting hit. So now you have to hit your opponent more times than they hit you by a big margin.
  • to maximize ibuki’s abilities, you need to learn all her moves, and use them all consecutively to maintain a rushdown that leaves few holes as possible, in hopes that you nail your opponent with about 10+ combos before they are ko’d. (usual case)

whoa im in for alot,ill still learn :sweat:

Welcome. I recommend to watch videos. Emulate them to learn Ibuki’s do’s and dont’s. Then create your own style.

What everyone said. Learn her basics. Learn by watching videos (especially vids of Aruka, Hossy, Red, etc). Try to do what they do and when you are somewhat able to do the things they do then you can develop your own style.

Once you are able to get the grasp of her, you’ll need to learn about the other characters as well, there are quite a few character specific things and strategies with Ibuki. Most importantly though, never give up. You will be losing a lot, but you’ll learn a lot by losing.

Ibuki may not have the best stamina, but she can really put the hurt on people quickly. She can dizzy people in about 3 or 4 seconds. So be brave, but be careful. Dont be afraid to attack people.

lol yea… I think her jab could possibly be the most abusive move in the game. 2nd fastest in the game, and hits crouching. it also does some pretty sick stun for a jab lol.

the LP, MP, F+LK, is my bread and butter.

Ibuki rules! whoo, it’s also a plus if you work on parrying / punishing. I.E down parry to Mk + raida. But of course you should get the basic foundation built first, then when you feel like you’ve gotten used to it, you start working on trying to bait parries and such ^^. Aruka does it so well, im so envious.

I learnt her in a few months, it’s not as long as you think.

Watch vids, punish mistakes (mk xx Radia),
punish parries (mk xx raida or lp, mp,, hk xx super jump air combo, super, bait parry or nothing into throw),
don’t waste any opportunity there will always be a time you can do alot of damage in a suprising time, record yourself and check for mistakes.
mix it up well, her high low ground mix-ups are very good (just dont get caught with a random shoryu) her air mix ups are very good too air combo or ex kunai, also with shoto’s or characters with shoryu type moves, you have to learn to parry it.
Her cross-up is mk, if your opponents knocked down on there corner, it’s really good.
Opponents will try to parry on their wake-up, raida them.

That’s about it I guess

make sure u learn this Jump In - Jump in HP, MK, Down back HP. Best damage combo in the whole game.

Ive actually been doing things similar to that:woot:,Ive been losing alot lately but I can see my own style coming on

-ill post some of the stratagies and moves I use later to see what I can improve on