New player with PP/BP issues

Hello. First of all, I checked for the official sf4 forum but google came up with this. I did a search of the coming question in varying ways but couldn’t find my question on the first few pages.

Here’s my situation:
I’m relatively new to online SSF4AE(2012) play. I’ve got my PS3 in a DMZ (did this after finding virtually no games online) and I play arcade mode with Match Invitation on to kill the time. Sometimes it takes up to 5-10 minutes to find a game, other moments a challenger appears straight away.
I found a character that I like (Abel), worked on his combos/links and I started winning a few games. I noticed that my BP and especially my PP stayed low. I then noticed I am losing PP while winning games. At first I didn’t mind since I’m new but I still get matched against people 2000+ PP while searching for equal skill players. I learn a lot from them and win from time to time so still, no problem there. Once I checked my stats however I noticed that I’ve ranked up to D+ around 3 or 4 times but the next game I was back to D. Finally I got “through” and then had to rank up 3 times to C to actually stick there. The old matches just got lost statswise. I could check the replay but instead of gaining points I just lost them. Once I did a search for this people just blamed the poster for being someone who disconnects when losing. I know I only DCed once in about the 250 games I played by now. Still, I checked my disconnect ratio and it says 12%(!!). Can anyone explain what is going on? My dc ratio should be below 1%. Instead I keep losing stats for no reason and I’m afraid people might just bail out in the lobby once they see my disconnect ratio.

Sorry for the wall of text, I hope it’s readable and in the right part of the forum.

Sub question while I’m on it in case this can’t be helped. How is MvC3 different from SSF4AE12? With a bit of practise I can get the one frame link off on Abel. How much time do I need to pump into MvC3 to get to the point of being able to enjoy the game instead of getting bodied every time?

Thanks to anyone for reading the whole thing in the first place. Even more thanks to the people who can help me fix this situation.

It’s entirely possible that it’s an issue with your network connection rather than the game itself.

As far as MvC goes, try to think of it as more of a muscle memory combo game in contrast to Street Fighter’s more interpersonal mental combat.

Is there any way to know what might be wrong and then it turn to check what might be wrong?

So MvC3 is more about practising combos and applying them vs opponents while SF4 is more about reading your opponents?