New Player!


Hey, guys, I just bought Street fighter 4 a few days ago… (yeah a bit late… because Super is coming soon.) I’ve always avoided fighter games… but yeah now sorta obsessed.

My problem is that, it is really really hard for me to play on the xbox controller. My friend tells me to use the d-pad but it doesn’t feel right, and as for the joystick… sometimes my thumb gets so tired it can’t go fast anymore. Yeah, so one of the problems is the input device. So… should I stick to the xbox controller and practice hard? or should I settle for a fighter pad or standard edition stick? I can’t afford a tournament edition ;(.

I’m getting some live soon because my live recently expired. So I plan to play online to help improve my game.

Most of the challenges are okay for all characters UNTIL… the 3rd one… then it becomes really hard to input it in, maybe only doing half of the required.

My favourite characters are Ken, Cammy, and Fei Long.

Any suggestions on how to get better? My friend suggested Shoryuken forums ;D! BTW hello everyone!


Save up your money and get a TE stick(SE stick is horrible and comes out to the same price as the TE after you mod it with good parts), to tide you over get a fightpad if the xbox controller isnt doing it… also highly possible to play well on a pad just not to your full potential imo. Only suggestion I have to get better is learn game mechanics and practice… thats all you can do. Once you get the basics down, learn some character specific strats…


Yes you can afford a tournament edition. If you are obsessed with SF you will afford it. Especially now that it’s 50 dollars cheaper. Using the 360 pad for SF means you’re not really obsessed.


This… is very true, no seriously go buy a stick DO NOT use the 360 control as you’ll never be able to use characters like C. Viper effectively :lol:


Or maybe…

Or maybe it means you like playing with a pad. WTF? I have played fighting games at the arcades a bunch of times, and the stick just hurts my hand. I like playing a pad better, that doesnt make me like the game any less.

Besides, its not a fucking popularity contest. Regardles of what the “pros” say, play with whatever works best, and whatever feels right.


I had the same question too. I can’t afford a TE stick (I seriously can’t afford it. I only got $70 to spend). Im just going to get a SE stick and practice with that until I get my money back together for a TE or afford modded parts. OR, you can practice with the 360 controller, learn the mechanics of the game, then when you get money, by a TE stick and practice with that.

I would do the first one to learn how to mod a SE stick, but if you wanna be lazy, go with the second option.

Or hell, play with a $40 fight pad. they aren’t that bad


Tell me is the fact that I have five different fingers able to hit any attack at any time because my OPINION is a fightstick is better or because the fightstick is actually better?

It’s not about preference, there are simply things you can do on a fightstick that you can’t on a pad. That doesn’t mean you can’t do very very well with a pad, but you are just making things harder on yourself.


To each their own I guess, but for the record a pad is capable of hurting your hand just as much as a stick so yeah it comes with the territory

and while I’ve been playing on pad for about 15 years (don’t laugh lol) despite my limited experience with sticks every time I did use one they felt much more natural than a pad imo


Unless you’re wolfkrone, lol. Although we all know the PS1/2 D-pad is much better than the 360’s.


Yeah if you’re gonna use an official stock pad I would rather use a PS3 pad before that clunky 360 pad. Those buttons…how do you piano on buttons like that? The dpad is also atrocious. I’d rather play on a DDR pad.

Also saying that you played at the arcade a bunch of times and it hurts your hands makes me think you played on broken US parts at some clunky US arcade.


I like the 360 pad better

But the TE stick is the way to go save your money.




How is that even possible, unless you have like frail wrists or are doing it wrong?


Hehe, I’ll try and save up ;(. Played some online, and I feel that my game is improving… I still use the joystick on the 360 though… only because the D-pad is just so bad and awkward. I actually wouldn’t think the fightpad would make much of a difference, but the stick would! Hehe, trying to master some combos…




I can understand you not wanting to blow $100 on a stick that you wont even know how to use, but its really worth it. If you really wanna save money try getting a Hori EX2. Basically the buttons won’t feel as nice to push as real sanwas but its still an arcade stick.


I was once fooling around on some old tekken machine, the stick had it’s spring so tight that it was so serious work doing fast inputs. I don’t know why anyone would want it that tight it’s like they want you wrist to break.


It all comes down to the p word man. You gotta put the time in and practice.

When youre learning a character, dont just learn combos, learn mind games, set ups, match ups, all that goodness.


oops double post


Most 360 pad users I know use the analog sticks. As far as pads go ps3 dpad > 360 d pad. 360 analog > ps3 analog. ps3 buttons > xbox buttons. I have no idea what fight pads are like but I don’t like that they seem to have those edges around the diagonals like a 360 pad. Those suck. But really, if you are that addicted, get a stick learn to use it properly so your wrist doesn’t hurt and just practice a lot. Its fun, so much more fun when the moves you want come out.