New possible balance changes to JIll



After EVO Capcom mentioned that they believed MvC needed some balance changes and was looking to the community for ideas. Some of the other character discussion forums have been talking about such so I figured we should have one as well.

TAC infinites removed
TACs are punishable if correctly countered
Damage is lowered overall for characters exceeding reasonable limits (simple changes like making spencers up grapple scale), TODs should generally only occur with heavy meter usage and optimal combos.

Personal Ideas for Jill buffs
-Standing M’s hit-sphere hits slightly lower than it currently does
-Some kind of moderate projectile added, something that couldn’t really be used for spacing but would help you set up your assists to get in from a distance

What kind of changes would you like to see? (I know capcom patching this game is highly unlikely)


the only thing I would want her to have is access to her guns in some fashion outside of MGS. Even if it wasnt really durable. Maybe something like a “lite” version of chris’ submachine gun, or possibly a command normal like Dantes gun cancels? I think it would help alleviate her being SO assist dependent. I also dont think it would break her.

Dont change her damage or anything else. (Okay maybe make her b+H a LITTLE bit larger downards so it doesnt whiff, but yeah)


I really like Jill in the way she is right now… but like A member of STARS i would like

  • Some use for the Double SubMachine Gun , maybe… Charge Button like C.viper Laser or Zero Buster ?¿ or Command Normal like Dante. or even used as a new animation of Air throw so we can combo after that.


I completely forgot to mention I really would like to see madbeast be a two meter super. I feel it would kind of overpowered as a 1 meter super but it just isn’t worth it as a 3 meter super.