New Premade from AxisGaming! (Sold, Payment Pending)

This Stick has Been Tentatively Sold; Meaning that a buyer has contacted me, but payment is not yet received. The stick is not Sold until payment is fully carried out, so if you are interested still feel free to e-mail with a request, buyers will be taken in order that they are received!


FS: Hardwood PS2 Joystick


Stick: Sanwa JLF (w/ Seimetsu clear bubbletop)
Buttons: 6x PS-14-KN 30mm (clear), 2x PS-14-DN 24mm (black)
PCB: Sony PSX Pad Hacked w/Quick disconnects
Box: Mitered Purple Heart with Birdseye Maple Keys and corner pegs
Price: $240
Please Send any and all questions and or requests to:
Sale will be first come first serve, Paypal only Thanks!


Ugh, oh my god. Why is everybody selling all this nice stuff when I have no money!

It’s a VERY sexy stick though Axis, you should be proud. It’s so god damn beautiful.

I doubt it will still be available monday, but if it is i’ll try get it.

awesome stick.

If only beautiful things weren’t so expensive…

id like to attest to the quality of axis premades. I bought one and i love it. The woodwork on this one looks great! wish i could afford it as well

Axis makes awesome stuff, definately worth the $$$

Looks amazing. I love that style, and X-men are a win as well.

Sweet stick Axis. I really like the accents of the maple keys.


Wow nice stick axis:woot: if I had the money.

Nice stick Axis. I really like the craftsmanship you put into it.

nice stick dude! lookin forward to the tourney…it was nice meeting you at SJSU lookin forward to that day man!