New premium sized avatar please

If someone could make me a tight Goh avatar that is PM sized I would appreciate it. Either that or a Street Fighter IV av…

Post an image & I’ll see what I can do.

or this

How’s this:

looks good but can u change the pink/purple to blue and make the font glow or change the font? looks dope though, thanks.

also maybe shrink the dude so you can kind of tell he is crossing his arms? hope that isnt too much trbl.

PS just closed on me & I didn’t get a chance to save the psd!!! :mad:
I’ll do another for you.

No Nipples :frowning:


Dang, I liked the one you did last night. :rofl:

Can you try to make something like the one u did last night? Ill save that one too though, its dope.

Iiiii Lllliikkkeeeee

just cuase im using the new one i hope he dosent give up on the other one… you guys missed it last night, it was the jam.

cna I get a white border around this current av?

man im a pain int he ass, i know

dang everyone loves this new one. haha. i want this one and also the other one with the other iamge i psoted if it aint too much of a problem. I think I found a script where they will rotate randomly.

srk doesn’t support that

damn, just be happy with your shit already


really? i didnt think it was dependent on SRK but rather your server you were hosting on… im picky…! if you saw the av he made yesterday u would understand. hard choice. :rofl:

Your av is uh… From the new Queen’s Blade, right?

i saw the av he made yesterday

it was great

but the one you have now has two pairs of huge titties soo…

stick with it

'nuff said! :rofl:

yeah its tight thanks dude. :rofl:

people are telling me I am going to get banned with this av? is this true???