New PS2 -> Wii adapter coming from GameTech


Plugs into the Wii remote. I don’t know much else, although there is a chance of it having input lag as it’s wireless. A comment on their youtube video says they don’t ship internationally though, although I’m sure someone will pick these up like

Do not want.

I’ve had wiimote (and wavebird) signals occasionally drop inputs for an instant, especially in dormitory rooms with concrete walls. This kills charge characters and other “hold down the button” actions (like order-sol’s charge in guilty gear). However I have not noticed any input lag from the wireless – I believe that’s a myth.

Is there even any game that accepts classic controllers but not GC controllers?

The game accepts GC controllers. Just get a ps2-GC adapter instead. If talking about TVC that is

If this runs as a Classic Controller instead of a Gamecube controller (which I assume is how it’d be designed), then… assuming proper functionality… I’d totally prefer it to a PS2->GCN adapter. The Cube Joybox Pro works great… except it reads L1 and L2 as Z, and I find that unfortunate.

Then again, you can’t use a Classic Controller for GCN games, so it’s not pure win.

It could be neat, but my guess is, at the least, it will cost more than the much-loved Joybox, so I won’t be in a hurry to buy it.